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massive 210MB block

After BSV’s recent hard fork, the network was split in three different chains after a massive 210MB block was mined.

During the weekend, BitMEX reported that Bitcoin SV nodes divided into 3 different groups, effectively making the network split into 3 completely separate chains.

The report shows that the majority of nodes (65%) were located on the current tip. At the same time, 17% were stuck on the giant 210MB block while the other 19% were not even upgraded. The last 19% were basically still suck on the old pre-hard fork chain.

Additional Coin Dance data shows that the massive 210MB block was mined during the weekend on the 3rd of August. It was mined by CoinGeek miner and apparently involved exactly 808 633 transactions.

Back on July 24th, BSV ran its scheduled hard fork to increase its block size. The previously set limit of 128MB was changed to 2GB.

A little before BSV split into 3 chains, the CEO of Money Button , Ryan X. Charles shared his concerns about running a BSV node. In his blog post, he mentioned how Money Button went offline for nearly 3 hours due to their BSV node running out of memory and crashing during a stress test.

The Coin Dance service is now running on the newest Bitcoin SV chain. So far, it seems that the general consensus is that the older chain will be scrapped.

This basically means that miners who got stuck on the older chain might have recorded some losses due to some of the blocks being discarded.

The massive 210MB block might not be so massive in the near future

It appears that this was indeed the first 3-way split in history as the massive 210MB block could be dwarfed in the near future. Super-sized blocks may generate splits into more than 3 forks and all miners should be prepared for that possibility.

In beginning of summer, Vitalik Buterin shared publicly that he believes BSV is a “complete scam”.

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