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So yes, we all know that blockchain is the new trend on the internet. You will hardly turn up on a website without seeing some ad related to blockchain operating system, most likely bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact you are even her on Coinstaker because you know we provide you with the latest information on anything related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But is blockchain just made for cryptocurrencies only or could it be used for even more. What are the boundaries we could cross by exploiting the massive potential of blockchain? Today we take a look at what blockchain technology means for marketers and how it could transform business as we know it today.

You would wonder why you really have to read this article about blockchain technology today because you may not be a marketer and thus don’t see the need of such in for. But on second thoughts, we live in a world where about 90% of the things we seem to can’t live without today weren’t even conceivable a decade and a half ago. Consider the internet itself that is making it possible to read this article and all its social media platforms, fifteen years ago this level of achievement wasn’t even thought of but we do have today. So it would only be in the best of our interests to learn about blockchain technology’s possibilities since it appears to have come to stay.

Blockchain Equals Trust

blockchain equals trustEven though blockchain’s most dominant use at the moment is for cryptocurrency transactions, it could and is also be used for other things by several other companies and even countries. But why is everyone going in hard so fast. Blockchain is more of a mammoth sized spreadsheet of data that operates in a decentralised network. Because of its nature it allows for the transmission and appending of very large sizes of information whatsoever without any form of compromise at all to the security or validity of the information. Basically, you can neither corrupt a blockchain nor destroy it. This is what makes it so safe and trustworthy. More so, now people will have a single point of reference where they can, with the help a blockchain network, verify any claims made about products to know how true they are. Marketers and businesses at large can capitalise on this platform of trust to boost their sales and consumer interest in their products.

Better Transparency In Corporate Accountability And Social Responsibility

Almost everyone would remember the popular internet meme of “what you see online vs what actually arrives when you buy”. The logic at the root of all this was that marketing and public relations presented a very good picture of a brand to you but then as to whether the brand in reality fitted all those images painted on the canvas of our minds was another thing altogether. What if blockchain could change this too by just easily checking the facts presented about a product to check corporate mendacity. This will push marketers to want to present nothing but the truth in product promotion instead of just a “cheap” marketing spin. It would also help interested persona in knowing the people who influence a company’s product choices are real people and not just bots on social media platforms.

Even More, You Can Be Assured of Absolute Truth In Ad Delivery

blockchain marketing ensures true accountabilityNow marketers can be able to tell whether a targeted person or audience saw a particular ad within a given time range. This is to ensure that there is a certain kind of check with the limits set on the overserving of ads on individual basis. So for instance if a brand wishes to know just how many active people are really viewing their ads and they are that they are not being scammed with non-live browsers, all they would have to do is to hand over ad deliveries from an ad server to miners in a blockchain network to analyse the data. This would help do away with fraudulent scrubbing. In fact blockchain technology presents such a huge opportunity for marketers that they just cannot afford to not utilise in terms of targeting their ad viewership.

Marketing Made Personal Than Ever

blockchain personalises marketingWith blockchain technology, information about a product to the consumer becomes very personal and accessible at every point in time. This will make it very easy for consumers to have access to supply chain info along with very vital data on just how products have evolved over the years. Very personal digital experiences like this that consumers will begin to have with products will in turn make marketing of products a lot more personal than ever, giving the consumer a feel of the product and the sense of being part of its creation. This will eventually make it easier for consumers to go in for such goods as there is a high level of trust in them. What makes things even better for the marketer is that now his or her work no longer feels like conventional marketing but an intimate time with a consumer. This even makes it easy for marketing teams to gain very sensitive information from consumers as there is a mutual ground of trust for confidentiality between them already.

It is true that indeed blockchain is still in its early stages and still being explored by many firms for potential backdoor vulnerabilities. However that shouldn’t discourage marketers and businesses from beginning to get themselves acquainted with this new tech and how much they can achieve by exploiting its possibilities. Jeff Bezos made $2.8 billion dollars in one day all because his company introduced a new technology that was going to do away with cashiers, when even all of America’s cashiers make just $210 million daily. The world has become very much “techy” and blockchain is definitely here to stay. It is very possible that adoption of blockchain technology could the billion dollar move for marketers in this era and in the ones ahead of us.


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