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Malware and Ransomware have had security experts on their toes for the longest time.

Recently, illegal crypto mining or “cryptojacking” has risen to the top of the most used crimes committed online. It has even surpassed ransomware.

In a report by Skybox Security it’s mentioned that an incredible 32% of all cyber crimes are done by crypto miners. Ransomware on the other hand makes up less than 8%. In order for cryptojacking to take effect it needs to utilize a hidden code on a website or a devise. While doing so it can harness the victim’s computing power or resources as the CPU and use it to mine cryptocurrency. Simply put, criminals use other people’s computers to mine for themselves.

Malware has steadily climbed to the top of the popularity ladder in the underground

Ransomware attacks on the other hand is where the victim’s data is encrypted by malware and only unlocked for a payment. In 2017 ransomware made more than 30% of all attacks. Now there is much speculation as to what caused the two types of cyber crimes to reverse their roles in popularity.

Some argue that it’s due to the increased adoption and innovation of user protections while others say it’s mostly related to the significantly lower crypto prices. Either way, individuals, companies and governments all must keep up with the threat as the ecosystem evolves.

Taking proactive measures against the latest threat intelligence can make a very big difference when it comes to a simple intrusion or a very harmful and damaging attack or breach. If organizations want to limit the chance to be exploited, they must ensure their resources are focused on the most likely risk areas. Combining the information from their vulnerabilities, assets, network topology and security can help organizations with those goals.

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