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YouTube is probably being used by 90% of the world’s population. This makes the website an incredibly juicy target for trojan infections due to the site’s traffic. According to a recent report, there is a huge malware campaign on YouTube and it uses many different videos to promote a “bitcoin generator” tool.

Due to YouTube’s incredible levels of traffic, it’s completely normal that people with almost no knowledge of bitcoin would like to try out this tool. Easy bitcoins, why not? It’s on YouTube so it must be real, right?

Well, no. The only thing people will be getting is the Qulab information stealing trojan. The malware campaign is shown on many fraudulent videos and the reports claim they can range from anime videos to sports highlights and physics documentaries.

This malware campaign gained a really huge audience

The bitcoin generator tool that pops up via the malware campaign offers “free bitcoin” with a link in the video description. Yeah, free bitcoin. People still buy into that, but that’s mostly because of YouTube’s popularity. Instead of free bitcoin however, people get the Qulab trojan which actually does need to be installed.

Once installed, the trojan begins to steal a huge amount of information from the infected computer. Reportedly, its main goal is to steal crypto by scanning for strings which are copied into the Windows clipboard. The trojan identifies those strings as crypto addresses and the rest is history.

An infected user can paste the string into a website field to direct where the funds are spent. The user will however, paste in the attacker’s string and all the funds will be instantly directed there. This is a really solid strategy since the majority of users, don’t remember their crypto addresses.

One report focused on the Qulab, states that the trojan can recognize addresses for bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, monero, Litecoin and others. YouTube has yet to offer information on what measures are being taken to prevent this malware campaign from spreading.

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