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With Bitcoin’s amazing price rise throughout all of 2017, Crypto has really made it on a lot people’s radar. Everywhere you go, be it on a train, at school or in a restaurant, you hear people talk about Bitcoin and other crypto-related projects. With the overwhelming attention this new topic has gained lately, also many speculators have entered the scene. Everyone is looking for the “new Bitcoin” that will rise in price and therefore bestow great riches to ordinary people.

This new phenomenon – some see it as the gold rush of the digital age with extraordinary opportunities, while other just simply call it an outright bubble – has indeed given rise to a betting and speculating mentality. But rather than normatively judge the rise of this mentality, this article sets out to accept it as a mere fact and draw an interesting inference from: Since a big part about crypto at the moment is about speculating and betting, projects that focus on giving people the professional opportunity to speculate and making bets, certainly have great monetary potential for investors and their likes.

Virtual Horse Racing

One project that only recently launched is ETHORSE. Drawing from real world horse racing, ETHORSE  is the ultimate combination of horse betting, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. It is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp for betting on the price of Cryptocurrencies and win from everyone who bets against you. Users bet with ETH on one of the listed coins or tokens to have the highest gain in a fixed period. All bets are placed in the blockchain, allowing users to see the total number of bets, the total bet amount for each coin, and the Payoff odds deriving from them. This allows users who follow the crowd to pick a winner easily. However, the Payoff-odds can also be used to bet on an underdog for very large wins. The platform can be used to bet and win ETH in both Bull and Bear markets.

Compared to mainstream betting sites and centralized exchanges, ETHORSE holds many advantages as it does not require users to signup and deposit funds to an entity. As the development is open source and the funds are secured by the Ethereum Smart contracts, ETHORSE enables a completely trustless peer-to-peer betting environment. The prices are pulled from the exchanges using Oraclize and it is done in a way to avoid manipulation. With a user-friendly interface, ETHORSE is a groundbreaking platform and has the potential to attract a large set of the trading population in the crypto space.

While ETHORSE is not only a great platform for speculating parties to place their bets, it also holds many benefits for ETHORSE token holders. Every token holder will earn quarterly payouts in ETH by simply holding horse tokens. These profits for horse token holders are generated from the takeout, a small cut taken from the betting pool of all races before paying out the winner. The current takeout rate is 5%. Token holders can also bet with horse tokens to unlock features and enjoy discounted takeout. At the same time token holders are able to vote on takeout rates, game rules and other upcoming features.

What ETHORSE offers

The ETHORSE community is pretty stoked for the future of this platform. You can join the community and see what people are discussing about ETHORSE’s potential by entering their Telegram Group: https://t.me/ethorse

The possibilities with ETHORSE are many. To give you just one hint, please consider this example strategy: ETHORSE users can bet on a coin on the ETHORSE platform for a certain period of time, while you open a short position on that same coin for the same time period to protect you from a major loss. This way rather big sums can be won with rather low risk. Obviously there’ is no way of accurately predicting a horse token’s future value. Promising any sort of number for the future would just be charlatanry.

To wrap things up, it is probably safe to say that ETHORSE holds a lot of potential going forward. Offering a way to speculate and bet in a professional environment does not only perfectly address one major streak of today’s crypto market. It’s also the fact that with ETHORSE tokens, dividends can be reaped form all the action that is supposed to be happening on the ETHORSE platform once mainnet is launched end of february. As is obvious with other community-based projects that pay dividends, like Binance or KuCoin, this sort of token model is certainly a very promising one for investors of any kind.


DISCLAIMER: The author of this article is invested in ETHORSE.




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