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Malawi is considered to be one the world’s poorest countries. More than 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. Being one of the most densely populated countries in Africa, its population is over 16 million.

On July 30th Madonna announced a fundraiser with all the collected funds going to Raising Malawi, the non-profit organization she and Michael Berg founded in 2006. Ripple will also join the cause as the campaign has already collected over $35 000 from over 700 people in just 3 days. The campaign will continue until August 31st.

When Ripple announced their decision to join the cause, it was met with great approval from the crypto community. Since the country has many problems in the way of its growth and prosperity, it’s important to note that first world countries and celebrities are entirely capable of doing more to help.

Malawi’s serious problems in the way of growth

Corruption is a huge problem in Malawi and the benefit of the few comes at the expense of far too many. This is quite obvious in the way international aid is being handled, much of it disappears or never makes it to the country in the first place. This has a bad influence on all the people willing to donate to the organizations or governments.

If we look at the economical perspective, things look very grim. The country has a trade deficit of >$1 billion and about 90% of the exports are agricultural, raw materials. Tobacco, being the country’s main export has recently seen pressure on the quality and pricing.

To make things even worse, since Malawi’s economy is dependent on agricultural export, it’s very susceptible to climate change. Floods and droughts can severely cripple the yearly earnings. This calls for a diversification of economy, something which is very hard to do with the high levels of corruption.

This is why the Raising Malawi foundation’s mission is so important. More than a million children have lost one or both parents to AIDs/HIV and since 2006 the foundation has helped more than 10 000 with direct healthcare and education. The foundation has also established the first intensive care unit and pediatric surgery unit in the country.

Children are a chance for us to become better and in the future these children can help Malawi with its many issues and challenges.

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