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Cryptocurrency investment continues to draw mixed reactions from both experienced and amateur investors, as to which coins can generate the best returns. However, little-known coins with low market cap can sometimes outdo the mainstream digital assets. Read on to find out.

Crypto investment game plan

Before you decide on which cryptocurrency to invest in, it is advisable to take time and care to research potential projects. In many cases, digital assets with low market cap can make better investment returns than their pioneer assets.

However, identifying the right coin for investment can be a tiresome task. Currently, there are close to 200 cryptocurrencies in the market. In addition, the SEC move to regulate cryptocurrencies will ensure that the number of digital assets comes down drastically.

While this could be an overwhelming hope for investors, it shows that crypto investors have to identify and invest in cryptocurrencies with a clear use case and a long-term investment potential.

Many people are looking for low cap digital currencies, but with great investment potential into which they can invest. Fortunately, this article is just about that.

#1. Bitjob

The current education system in most countries across the world simply prepares graduates for pre-built career directions. Most of today’s young people leave school with a notion to take a pre-built career path, not able to figure out the opportunities that are available to them. This leaves them with an unscheduled homework that each person has to learn on a personal basis.

Bitjob provides a brilliant opportunity for any student with an uncertain career path, so they are able to identify the opportunities that are available to them. On the other hand, Bitjob is also useful for employers, as they can use the platform to tap into the employment resource targeting graduates fresh from college.

Bitjob utilizes STU as the accepted cryptocurrency on the platform. If you are a job seeker, you can earn STU on the platform through two main ways. First, through employment and second, by completing various tasks on the platform. As Bitjob seeks to fill the gap in this significant niche, there is hope that it will improve from strength to strength with time. The Bitjob platform was expected to lunch on May 24, 2018.

Market statistics

Price: $0.020665

Market cap: $992,839 USD (low cap compared to others)

Circulating supply: 48,043,991 STU

Total supply: 200,000,000 STU

All-time High: $0.24 USD

#2. Hacken

Everyone knows that cryptocurrency space is quite unpredictable and unsafe. The crypto community continues to witness various scams and hacking, leading to loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. Exchanges and other crypto platforms are soft targets for such fraudulent activities. This calls for improved and tight security in the market, to keep safe the funds of all who are involved.

Hacken is a combined force of white hat hackers who work actively on several blockchain-based projects to provide top-notch security and make the crypto space safer. With many cryptocurrencies already in the market, there are a growing number of businesses to utilize the blockchain technology.

Hacken seems to have a bright future because as they make the current market safer, the market will be more attractive to investors and traders. This implies more business. Hacken is currently involved in dealing with blockchain security issues and in engaging more white hat hackers. Theoretically, the platform helps the market in two ways. It tightens internal security and reduces the external threat. It achieves this by identifying the hackers and marking them with white hats.

Market Statistics

Price: $3.18

Market cap: $15,291,438 USD

Circulating Supply: 4,802,150 HKN

Total Supply: 5,600,000 HKN

All-time High: $7.87 USD

#3. BitClave

With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, there are several changes taking place in the universal market. Many businesses and platforms and trying to embrace the blockchain technology, which has opened new windows of opportunities for traders and investors. Through decentralization and the blockchain technology, many people have found opportunities to earn revenue. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have given birth to an era of redistributed wealth.

Bitclave, another low cap digital asset, seeks to create a link between advertisers and those interested in their products or services. The platform operates as a decentralized search engine platform, which enables buyers to set a preference for the types of ads they see.

Every time a buyer views an ad while browsing on the Base search engine, he or she gets a reward in CAT, which is the native token accepted on Bitclave platform.

Through the practice, the platform allows advertisers on its community to utilize their advertising budget effectively. A time is coming when ads will provide a potential way of earning online. This will encourage users to receive ads and to view them because they will generate some revenue from them.

Market statistics

Price: $0.030310

Market cap: $15,197,465 USD

Circulating Supply: 501,394,406 CAT

Total Supply: 1,597,746,125 CAT

All-time High: $0.3115

#4. Adbank

The advertising sector is a lucrative business. In 2017, businesses and organizations spent $209 billion USD on digital advertising alone. Shockingly, the sector experiences several activities of fraud, which leads to loss of a bigger chunk of ad revenue.

For instance, a recent scam pulled nearly $1.3 million dollars daily from assorted online ads. The fraudsters set up bots to view ads constantly and faked the domain so the views could look human.

Adbank aims at facilitating several benefits for the ad market. The platform embraces the blockchain technology to back its operations, leading to transparency and indisputable proof of ownership. The platform seeks to use a patent backed by AI fraud detection technology.

Anyone who plans to build an advertising campaign through the Adbank platform will be able to utilize the technology through the platform’s API. The toolkit comes with analytics and an AI engine that blocks any fraudulent activity.

The advertising sector is a potential market with projected growth in the near future. Adbank seeks to restore confidence in the users by installing antifraud features that will eventually improve efficiency.

Market statistics

Price: $0.017412

Market cap: $8,374,125 USD

Circulating Supply: 480,953,700 ADB

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

All-time High: $0.04

#5. Refereum

When two lucrative markets merge and complement each other, they can produce an efficient and powerful revenue-generating machine. That is the concept behind the Gaming industry and the blockchain technology. The gaming industry uses cryptocurrency to reward the outcome of battles performed within the virtual world. The world is warming up to the use of digital currency based on its transparency, and minimized risks of fraud.

Even so, the e-sport sector still faces major problems such as the absence of fresh talent to match the growing potential of the business. This is partly because many talented players are unable to perform to their potential because it may not guarantee a stable source of income.

For the few players who join the online gaming sector, they take a big risk to drop their regular employment to venture into the video gaming market.

Refereum seeks to provide an effective link between Gamers, Influencers, and Developers. It aims at eliminating the middleman and creating a direct contact for developers who promote their products with the gamers and influencers who would like to earn revenue from the industry. This eventually allows the developers to use their full advertising budget.

The budget is therefore spread directly to the influencers, whose job is to advertise the games. In the end, influencers will have several options for generating revenue. Additionally, influencers will be able to choose the games they love to play and to entertain their audience. Above all, they will be able to generate revenue directly from the developers who create the videos.

On the Refereum platform, each person who plays a video game will receive a financial reward. This will encourage aspiring online gamers who are uncertain about making the decision to become professional players. With players earning more from playing the games they love, they can confidently move to full-time gaming. Besides, part-time gamers can decide to join full-time online gaming.

Market statistics

Price: $0.012967

Market cap: $30,522,548 USD

Circulating supply: 2,353,863,477 RFR

Total supply: 5,000,000,000 RFR

All-time high: $0.032882

Final thoughts

In all parts of the world, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are already the way to go. However, without adequate knowledge on where to invest, many investors and traders end up losing their investment. Potential digital assets with low market cap can prove more beneficial than the mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Which other cryptocurrencies with low market cap do you know, which can yield better returns? Join the conversation over at Telegram (https://t.me/coinstaker)

Author info

Tony is a writer for the crypto space. He presents cryptocurrency and blockchain topics to the public in a way that he only can. While carefully researched, this article should not be taken as an express investment guide. Do your own research and consult a financial advisor before you invest in cryptocurrency.




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