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Just bought some Ethereum!

Hey guys, we just went in buying some Ethereum for 0.02464.
Ethereum - Long - 8.6.2016

Here is why we decided to trade this cryptocurrency in this direction:

  1. Price is Cheap – since the big pump & dump which happened around the DAO, the price had jumped in 4 days 60%! Since now it’s cheap again and Ethereum is talked more than ever, we decided to buy some.
  2. Momentum – the price has started growing in a healthy pace. Nothing too fast and crazy, we like this a lot.
  3. High Volume – as writing this, it ETH has a 24hr Volume: 19977.58229650 BTC.
  4. Upcomming Event: Events on any Cryptocoin are awesome, here are is the next upcomming one: Devcon2 + 2nd Blockchain Summit
  5. DAO – the DAO price is rising.

Target is at the moment: 0.03

Good luck to all of you cryptocurrency trader!

iporn xxx
arab xxnx

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