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LifeTask, a decentralized job searching and staffing engine of the new generation, has started week 2 of LTS token pre-sale, which will continue through June 26th. To encourage early buyers, the project will give 30% bonus to the investors who buy tokens within this period.
Now, due to the ongoing technological revolution, situation in the job market is rapidly changing. New jobs are emerging. Critical thinking, ability to make decisions and think out of the box are in demand, as well as the readiness to learn and expand one’s expertise. In the recent years, many companies have started using competence system to evaluate the performance of their employees, but as far as staffing and job-searching processes are concerned, the old and long-outdated systems are still in use across-the-board.
The recruitment systems hasn’t changed in years. Job seekers upload their resume in an fixed format to a website or database. Then, at the employer’s request, a recruiter chooses several candidates for the job opening, using their past education and prior work experience as the criteria. Practice has shown that this model is not very effective: companies spend a lot of time and money, with no guaranteed result. Moreover, sensitive information (contact info, information on past positions and salaries) is stored centrally, and an intentional or unintentional leak can harm both job seekers and employers.
LifeTask aims to increase the efficiency of both job searching and headhunting, to help candidates find their dream job and maximally employ their knowledge, desires, talents and experience – and help companies find the best, motivated employee for the position. LifeTask platform is based on the latest distributed ledger technology. Thus the interaction between the employer and the job seeker will be direct and transparent, without any involvement of a third party nor extra fees.
Job seekers will publish information about their competences, experience, and knowledge to the blockchain via a smart contract. In turn, companies will search by the skills and competences needed to fill the job position or complete a specific task.
The searching system is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which looks for the optimal match between the job positions and the candidates, using the cloud of interests and cloud of needs and taking geolocation into account. This approach will allow to fill even highly specialized and temporary in a fraction of time. The system also includes a skill confirmation and a recommendation systems, as well as the option to search for project teams. The first stage of the platform’s launch will take place in English- and German-speaking countries.
Registration within the LifeTask ecosystem will require LTS tokens – a utility token which will be distributed during the presale and ICO.
LifeTask offers its users a new, affordable pricing system. For job seekers, posting data will cost 200 LTS tokens (roughly €9.90). Every time a resume is accessed by a potential employer, the job seeker will receive a bonus. For the employing company, access to the data of a specific expert will cost between 500 and 1000 LTS (€25 and €50).
The price for one LTS token is set at 0.0001 ETH, but during the presale – as well as during the first two phases (27th of June to 16th of July and 17th of July to 5th of August) of the mainsale – token buyers will get bonuses, 30%, 20% and 10% respectively. BTС, ETH and major fiat currencies will be accepted as payment.
The project ICO will take place from June 27th to August 26th, 2018. Funds raised will be put toward research, development, testing, and launch of the system and the software.
You can find out more about LifeTask project at https://www.lifetask.io.



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