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Things aren’t looking too good for the famous Satoshi Nakamoto-wannabe, Craig Wright. It appears that the legal battle involving Wright and the computer scientist David Kleiman is heavily going in Kleiman’s favor.

Back in June, Wright was forced to personally appear at the mediation for the alleged intellectual property theft he committed. All of Wright’s attempts to appeal the order were rejected and he had to be physically present in the court room.

Leaked information from a court audience member pointed out that so far, things weren’t going good for Wright.

It appears that Judge Bruce Reinhart completely rejected Wright’s testimony. The judge stated that Wright had already perjured himself by providing the count with many falsified documents and suggested that he should immediately hand over 50% of the over a million bitcoins which Kleiman mined together with Wright before his passing. Wright was also advised to hand over all intellectual property rights which are associated with Bitcoin’s software.

The legal battle is moving rather quickly

This is definitely not the outcome Wright expected when the case was started back in February 2018. Kleiman’s lawyers accused him of stealing thousands of bitcoins which by today’s bitcoin price are valued slightly over $5 billion. If the peak bitcoin price from 2018 is used as a reference, Wright could potentially be the biggest criminal in history with a theft of over $10 billion.

Currently, the documents regarding the ruling are not available. It doesn’t look like things have any chance of getting better for Wright however. Forged documents and an extreme amount of evidence seem to be standing against Wright and any bright future for BSV.

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