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LaneAxis, a company bringing its proprietary trucking and logistics know-how to the blockchain, has just announced it will partner with ICOBox as it heads into its public presale phase beginning June 21. ICOBox is the world’s first and largest SaaS solution that guides companies through the ICO process with marketing, legal, and technology support. They have helped companies around the world collect over $400 million over the past year, and new companies are partnering with them every week.
LaneAxis was created over a decade ago to meet the needs of the shipping and trucking logistics industries, which were bogged down by outmoded and fragmented processes. The company developed a real-time shipment tracking platform that also provides critical real-time documentation. LaneAxis soon filed patents focused on its system of connecting shippers directly with trucking companies. The patent – officially granted in March 2018 – is the backbone of the LaneAxis blockchain project. By connecting shippers and carriers and securing transactions on the blockchain, the company has significantly elevated its platform, profile and functionality. Utilizing the blockchain will increase transparency, drastically reduce inefficiency, ensure document and process integrity, and virtually eliminate the need for expensive third-party freight brokers.
The company’s CEO, Rick Burnett, explains, “Trucking and shipping is a massive industry. In the US alone, it’s an $800 billion per year industry, and globally the shipping logistics market is expected to exceed $15 trillion by 2023. Yet many companies still use third-party entities and even fax machines to do business! It’s time for a major paradigm shift, and LaneAxis has created patented software technology that will emerge as a game-changing solution.”
Blockchain’s immutable open ledger and smart contracts allow shippers to conduct, manage, and track transactions in the shipping supply chain as well as digitize processes, cut fraud, bolster inventory management, and save time and money across all channels. In just the US alone there are about 800,000 companies that manage around 5 million trucks on the road daily. Most of these companies are small “mom and pop shops” with 10 trucks or less, and connecting with them directly can be a nightmare for shippers. As a result, they need to engage freight brokers and other third-party logistics companies to monitor and manage contracts, insurance, lane availability, carrier and driver rates, renewal dates, payments, and much more. LaneAxis’ innovative platform simplifies this process by allowing shippers to connect directly to trucking companies to track and secure all these processes through one intuitive interface.
ICOBox co-founder Niсk Evdokimov says he’s excited to be working with the LaneAxis team. “Trucking and shipping logistics and blockchain technology form a natural kind of marriage,” he argues. “LaneAxis has taken the lead in introducing the technology in an innovative way for the global logistics market. Their groundbreaking, patented software will give them name recognition around the world as the favored platform in this sector. They will be the company to watch, and ICOBox is pleased to play a role in helping to implement this vital technology.”
The platform will be powered by its AXIS utility token, which is presently available through the company’s private sale, which ends June 20, 2018. LaneAxis reports that they reached their soft cap of $2 million within the first 72 hours of their private sale launch. The public presale begins June 21 with a 50% discount for AXIS tokens. The first tier of the full public sale begins September 21. Subsequent decreasing discounts will be available until the sale ends on October 20.
For more information about LaneAxis please visit laneaxis.io



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