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The new wave of cryptocurrency has turned out to be not just a way of revolutionizing monetary transactions but also an easy way of amassing wealth. People invested just a couple undress dollars to buy cryptocurrencies and are now big time millionaires. And you sure know what usually comes with wealth; the desire for luxury. The case is not any different here with Ethereum owners. Lamborghini has reported a rise in sales of their cars just about the same time Ethereum’s price went on its “bull run”.

It is popularly known that Ethereum users make crazy jokes of buying Lamborghinis and all but it appears to be that this time around that joke is actually happening.

 Lamborghini’s Sales Stats

Automobili Lamborghini SPA reported during this week that their sales had reached a record figure. It states that it had sold out 3,815 of its luxury sports rides to customers, a record seventh consecutive year in growth of sales. But how relevant is this to Ethereum.

Even though it appears that there isn’t a link between these two, Quartz is telling us a completely different story. Quartz states that the surge in sale of lambos is correspondent to the rise in value of the Ethereum currency.

Ethereum Users’ Obsession With Lamborghini

lamborghini saint vitalikIn case you never knew, to most Ethereum owners, the raging bull seems to be the highest symbol of wealth. A Reddit user even went as far as to create an image of Ethereum co founder Viltalik Buterin dressed basically as some holy man/saint and in his hand was an Aventador – one Lamborghini’s expensive luxury sports cars, a speed demon to be more precise ( with 690 brake horsepower) . The work of art was captioned “Soon”, depicting just how close they are to attaining that status of  wealth – if that’s  what we wil call it.

This obsession is so strong that a firm by name Moonlambos has been established by an unknown person that will sell lambos cars for ethers or bitcoin. The firm is in businesses and even had its Lamborghini Gallardo going for 10.97 BTC as at Monday, approximately $154,348 or 120.3 ETH as at Monday. The prices may have changed due to the price plunge of Ethereum yesterday.

The form’s co-founder Victor Faramond  says that even though the frim is rather new and hasn’t sold any cars yet they have had very serious call ins making enquiries about how their business is conducted.

“Mostly [prospective customers] are located in the US, Canada, UK, China,” he says. “Some of them have shown [us] a huge number of bitcoins in their wallet.” 

Victor Faramond

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik has stated that should this get-rich-quick off cryptocurrencies attitude of most Ethereum users continue, he would abandon the Ethereum project as the vision of building a decentralized world computer of Ethereum is being underrated and devalued to the owning of lambos and creation of lamborghini memes.

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