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If you have a blog, you know that it can get difficult to pay for all the cost associated with it once it starts growing. And that’s seems to be a problem. People do not usually have the time to go advertiser after advertiser promoting their blogs in order to get a sponsorship or advertisers. Moreover, people will have to negotiate individual deals with each one of those interested advertisers.

Instead, it is much better to join an ad network. The blog gets monetized with ads, but the add network takes an important part of the revenue from it. Moreover, the ads placed on the site may not be relevant for the visitors. Even worse, there are cases where visitors get infected with malware just because of intrusive ads.

Kind Ads is the solution to these problems. Kind Ads envisions a world that is more enjoyable for users and more profitable for bloggers and websites. An internet where quality publishers get rewarded and good advertisers find the best place to show their ads.

Kind Ads is building a platform where people can make more money with less intrusive and more effective advertises. Now, advertisers will directly contact blog and website owners without depending on another party. At the same time, there will be no platform fees. In this way, bloggers will have an easier method to sustain their sites.

But if this was not enough, bloggers and websites will have different channels, allowing their followers to have less intrusive adds on their website, like pop-ups. The readers that do not want to see the ads can directly opt-out with just one click. As the ads are less intrusive, more relevant and sent through an effective channel, the advertisers see better results as well.

The Token Economy

The Kind Ads (KIND) token will be an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. There are different uses for the KIND token. It will be used by users in order to opt in and out of the Kind Ads Ecosystem, it will be used by advertisers to purchase ads from publishers on the network. It will be used to pay publishers on a daily basis, and it will be allocated to the daily reward pool for publishers, users and app providers.

Team and Advisors

Saulo Madeiros is the co-founder of Kind Ads, and co-founder of NPBR International LTDA, an agency that helps large corporations with their digital market needs. Currently, they help clients spend over $100,000,000 dollars a year on marketing.

Rafael Mayrink is the director of operations. He is the co-founder and Director of Operations at NPBR International LTDA. Rafael ensures that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting structure.

Jaime Sanchez is the lead blockchain developer. He is an IT professional and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. He has been working at Microsoft for 12 years helping top companies in Latin America to create scalable cloud architectures.

Caio Beleza is the Digital Marketing Specialist and partner of NPBR International LTDA. He is in charge of the operations and making sure companies grow their revenue through digital marketing.

The founding advisors are Neil Patel, founder of QuickSrpout, Saber Aria, Co-Founder and CEO BeyondBlocks, Trevor Korevko, CEO of Polymath, among other important advisers.


The roadmap will look as follows. During the first quarter of 2018, the company has been working on initial launch partners. At the same time, Kind Ads worked with Subscribers.com, a market leader in push notification technology in order to work side by side.

The second quarter of 2018, Kind Ads’ team will be working on the Global Opt-Out list, and on the public domain score.

During the third quarter, the team will be focused in creating the rewards pool, and launch solo email platform. At the same time, the last quarter of 2018, they will launch the chatbot platform, and the publisher staking system.

Kind Ads has plans until 2019, specifying what they will be developing quarter after quarter.


Kind Ads’s team has an incredible experience in marketing campaigns and know perfectly what the advertisers want and how bloggers and websites deal with advertisers. They have an incredible background in the industry that allowed them to create a product that seems very solid on how it is built.

Kind Ads will reduce spam campaigns, will be offering a friendly user experience, and will allow bloggers and websites to get instantly paid for their services.

The company is trying to revolutionize the industry of advertisers and publishers by making it more efficient for both parties.

At the moment, the platform has integrated with important brands like Mailchimp and Subscribers. Both of these enterprises allow bloggers to share their content with more and more individuals worldwide.

Virtual Summit

Kind Ads will be hosting their Virtual Summit on May 4th, one of the world’s largest crypto summit. The event will be featuring 10 speakers and industry leaders from the world of crypto. Tickets are free and available from https://virtualsummit.kindads.io/ and you can also win awesome prizes including a solid gold bitcoin bracelet, silver bitcoin bracelets, and 100 Trezors.

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