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It’s been known for quite some time now that the future is in electric vehicles. Most experts unanimously agree that we have used oil and gas for far too long already. One California-based electric car manufacturer is attempting to synergize the future of automobiles with the future of finance.

Karma Automotive has officially begun to accept digital currency as a form of payment in one of its Newport Beach stores. Lance Zhou, Karma Automotive’s CEO stated:

“We are very excited to open our platform to serve as testing ground for the means of converting theoretical blockchain apps to practical use. Our store will support the company’s efforts the help emerging technology and to provide the best possible treatment offerings by accepting Bitcoin.”

Back in 2014, the Chinese Wanxiang Group purchased all of Karma’s assets from Fisker Automotive. This was no small deal as the purchase was worth $149.2 million. Shortly after, Karma began building the flagship Revero vehicle. The newest model of Revero can reportedly travel over 37 miles without the need for a recharge, but has the not-so-welcoming price of $135 000.

Karma Automotive is still a luxurious company

While most cryptocurrencies are orientated towards the people who can’t afford luxurious purchases, they have been slowly making their ways into various luxurious industries and are now accepted as a form of payment.

Earlier this year, the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, announced that guests can now use cryptocurrencies to pay for all the services offered within the resort.

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