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Joseph Lubin on blockchain in Berlin

Joseph Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum, believes that Berlin could be a revolutionary ground for blockchain technology. Joe Lubin, stated that the abundance of massive infrastructure, programmers, and raw talent in the German capital could be a great driving force for the technology.

Lubin has undoubtedly been a major influencer in cryptocurrencies and blockchain at large, especially with his work on Ethereum. He mentioned that the key to unlocking blockchain to its max potential in Berlin is for the German government to support to support growth of the tech especially now that its still in its early days.

“We’ve seen a lot of bubbles bursting, and will do so more often in blockchain and cryptocurrency. At $30, Bitcoin was a bubble, at $200 and at $20,000 even.”

Lubin is off the board with Ethereum, at least with what we know now, and is more focused on his blockchain centred firm, ConsenSys. One of their major deals in this year was the partnership with Amalto. Consensys is Lubin’s amalgam of several entrepreneurs and technologists who hope to apply the key feature of blockchain – decentralisation – into multiple areas of life.

What’s very unusual about Lubin is that for a co-creator of one of the most influential cryptocurrencies, he often distances himself from the crypto world at large.

He shared a few thoughts on the security of the internet presently and what could be done. To him, the internet still has problems with privacy. He said that a new version called Web 3.0 needed to be developed. The control companies had over people’s data was totally not cool, and that we needed to move away from silos.

He also commended his co-developer, Vitalik, for his description of the Ethereum blockchain. He remarked that it was ‘essentially the most elegant, the most powerful description of a blockchain platform up to that point’. To Lubin, ethereum is akin to android; where developers are giving that liberty to tweak the system as much as they can. “On Ethereum, the software engineers could work with the similar tools that they have been using previously on the internet and mobile applications. This was facilitated in order to have a record of their own observations of problems and solutions alike.”

He believes that India also adopting blockchain is a great indicator of technological development in the country. The main hinderance however, is the fact that the people still do not understand the technology well and that a better understanding of the tech will ensure the technology is explored to the fullest.

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