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IRS scam letters

Crypto users from the United States now have one additional reason to dislike the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is due to the fact that many crypto users have reported IRS scam letters attempting to con them out of their funds.

Earlier this week, Forbes reported that IRS scam letters are being used in order to capitalize the general lack of public familiarity with actual IRS correspondence. Additionally, threats of legal action have been used among other tactics.

There are many different types of IRS scam letters

The most often reported tactic, seems to be an IRS scam letter claiming that a warrant has been claimed against the recipient due to unpaid taxes. The IRS scam letter continues on by saying that failure to make an immediate payment will result in an arrest.

By law, tax-related information as liens are made available to the public. This means that not a single crypto user has a reason to trust or comply with these IRS scam letters.

One of the biggest giveaways of the scam is that the recipient is said to owe taxes to the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement”. Such an agency does not exist in the United States and the IRS has warned multiple times to report and ignore such letters.

Many people speculate that the scam comes at this time mainly because the real IRS is sending letters to many crypto investors around the country to clarify their crypto tax filing requirements and in a few cases, actually force them to pay back taxes.

Several tax attorneys have also stated that this recent influx of letters could most likely be a result of a blanket campaign by the agency.

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