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After a hard time bashes from the media and allegations, IOTA might just be getting back on track with good publicity and winning the heart of the media once more. This time around, it’s about a new project that it is working on with Canadian enterprise, Kontrol Energy.

Rumours about this partnership first surfaced back in March, however it was only taken with a pinch of salt, as no developments were heard again again aside the fact that Kontrol Energy said they were about gaining ownership of an IOTA related business enterprise. But in this week there has been news circulating around the purchasing of one company known as Target, and more rumours surrounding Samuel Reid.

IOTA brought in Samuel Raid last year when it was still working on increasing the awareness and encouraging the usage of the its Distributed Ledger Technology( the IOTA variant of blockchain technology). Samuel Reid is up the news this time around as Kontrol Energy appears to have hired him unto their advisory board. This apparently can not be any form of coincidence as this news comes just two months after the first rumours about a Kontrol Energy Corp. decision to purchase an IOTA related company. This probably is a start to the whole process.

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The Canadian company delivers Greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency solutions in a bid to prevent global warming, and IOTA too has its own initiative of smart energy. It appears we finally found the perfect pair: somebody tell Thomas Hardy that finally the call this time around has coincided with the comer. IOTA’s smart energy concept fits perfectly with Kontrol Energy’s vision and work.

Kontrol Energy may be looking to utilise IOTA’s Tangle for the purpose of scaling, as well as to cut down costs on transactions and ensure utmost transparency as much as possible.

The company really lauded the ability of Samuel Reid, aside having taken him unto their board. Paul Ghezzi, the CEO of the Canadian Greenhouse company, said in a press release by the firm itself that

We are delighted to have Sam join our Blockchain Advisory Board to assist Kontrol with its expansion of Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”) solutions for the distributed generation and carbon offset markets. Sam is a leader in the DLT sector and has participated in numerous significant DLT projects, including the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.”

After the “hiring” of Mr. Reid’s services now both enterprises now share a common leadership in their advisory division and will be counting very much on that for growth and realisation of their vision through the making of the right decisions. Kontrol will now be looking to securing Target too in order to establish itself as the main leader in providing greenhouse gas emission monitoring solutions. Target also has a partnership with IOTA, which means everything could be adding up pretty well. Ghezzi added in his statement that “With respect to Blockchain, we remain focused on building applications using DLT that improves transparency, traceability, and cost-effectiveness for our customers,”. 

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Featured Images via Krontrol Energy.com and Private Capital NewsWire.


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