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The IOTA foundation after announcing its desire to start working on reusable cryptocurrency addresses has also announced a major breakthrough in the use of its Tangle software. The company will have its major software being used for a biometric verification process to authenticate the identities of people. The initiative which will be called IAMPASS Proof of Concept is expected to use open source digital ledger technology to verify and validate people’s identity via palm veins of users.

The process will create an entirely unique and valid identity for every single person after the palms are scanned and the pattern of veins determined. The system is said to allow users in accessing platforms with very high security levels, permissioned facilities etc.

The developers believe that the very moment such a system is active people will now have the freedom and privilege to totally control their own accounts and data as well as check the level of theft with or in their accounts. The official twitter page for the newly created open ledger software development tweeted.

IOTA’s co-founder made it clear to the general public that this new proof-of-concept system was what was going to be used to in addressing issues of authentication and theft in the cryptocurrency community. Dominik Scheiner, in his speech stated

“This is why we are excited about IAMPASS Proof of Concept, which uses the IOTA permission-less distributed ledger to make identity not only portable, but also give users assess and ownership over their own data. With the maturation of identity solutions like these, we will see the IOTA ecosystem providing a key technical puzzle piece for the adoption of distributed ledgers.”

Amalgamation of digital identity security as well as individual data by various institutions was now going to be much easier because of IOTA’s Tangle design. The director for the business development and cloud platform of IOTA, Toan Nguyen, mentioned

“Together, we expect the IOTA ecosystem and IAMPASS to help drive the next phase of digital identity management for high secure environments like data centers and in the smart city.”

To him, these two had to be given great attention considering the fact that the two were very much woven into each other.

IAMPASS is but he latest of the constantly innovative ideas that IOTA is always spewing into the crypto space to address identity authentication or verification processes. Its Qubic update and the Digital CarPass are but a few other honourable mentions.

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