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IOTA-Tangle Partners with Audi

IOTA has just broadcasted its aim to partner up with one of the awesome car manufacturers, Audi. The intention is to offer agile solutions for a growing world, which is now the most recent testament to the amazingly different applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. To be more precise, IOTA has partnered with Audi Denkwekstatt, the secondary think tank for the respected car company.

Both companies partnered up to discover any possible Tangle-based cases, which was forthcoming earlier in the year with a preliminary prototype, driven by the intention to collect and respond to feedback from their first users. The official Twitter account for IOTA Token tweeted that the foundation working with IOTA to “explore Tangle-based mobility use cases”.


The Audi Think Tank

The larger Audi Corporation handles the Audi think tank organization which is tasked with finding solutions to some of the problems opposing agility in the contemporary era. This organization is encompassed of fifteen partners from nearly every possible financial background.

Especially, the think tank has been particularly concerned about modernizing transportation in a progressively more urban world setting. The think tank knows that many parts of the world are becoming increasingly captivated with a city style of living. The present research is about how to revise mobility to suit the modification to mobility needs.

For IOTA’s partnership, the think tank is first and foremost worried about working with IOTA to come about with innovative agility solutions that use blockchain technology to repair key difficulties that exist in the status quo. IOTA expounds on their blog, stating that their “open source protocol” is predominantly suitable to assist in solutions that depend on “trust in data and transaction settlement.”

For the automotive industry, this might mean numerous things. Especially, the creation of an

Internet of Things (IoT) atmosphere for communicable transportation devices can be of advantage greatly from the stages fashioned on the IOTA network.


IOTA-Tangle Partners with Audi

What sits at the core of blockchain technology is tangle. As contrasting to the traditional blockchain used by Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms, tangle uses the Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) to ease its makeup. This aims to solve the problem of transaction fees and interval problems on the native blockchain, getting rid of efficiency matters and charging no transaction fees.

It is not clear as a consequence further away from what the precise aim of the partnership might be in regards to IOTA and their Tangle technology. Particular Redditors have taken a stance that fully electric vehicles could be on the outline, and that these electric vehicles might depend on   the “Internet of Things” improved by Tangle in order to effectively operate, navigate, and communicate.

IOTA Future

Countless specialists are both surprised and excited by the current announcement of partnership between IOTA and Audi. This partnership trails carefully behind another announcement that the startup is working with Porsche and Volkswagen. The development of participation with car companies speaks of something for both the triumph of IOTA as a startup tech company and the course in which the industry is most likely to move in. Extra information is likely to be released to the public in the coming weeks as we expect  more details with regard to this new partnership.

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