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IOTA has finally released its update to the Qubic programming language. The team of developers explained that they had used the month of August to clear the shelves and get to know much better the Abra programming language of the IOTA network.

The report states that the developing team has been able to make significant progress with areas related to the very core structures of the language and its corresponding user interface. The update is meant to be a thorough one, affecting UI and everything.

IOTA has much confidence in this Qubic update and claims that the results from the work done so far are very impressive and they will show just how compatible proof-of-concept is when it is implemented hopefully before the year ends.

Moreover, the developers have mentioned that they have began to document the entire computational model of Qubic. In the documentation, much details are given about the Abra program and its translation into a “tricode representation” by the name of Handy. It will also cover the task and event dispatcher of all nodes enabled by Qubic, namely the “Qubic Dispatcher”.

In a more indepth section of the report, this was stated

“Handy encodes the Abra program into a compact trinary representation so that it can easily be packaged into a Qubic transaction and posted on the Tangle. Handy will have done the syntax checking and flagging of any errors in the Abra program before packaging happens, which means that any post-processing tool, like the Qubic Dispatcher, will not have to do that anymore.”

The computational model of Qubic is in two major parts; the Abra syntax and the Qubic Dispatcher, with the latter having more to do with the interaction of the system dispatcher. There was a bonus sample of Abra was added to the paper. A math paper is rumoured to be next.

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