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Didi Taihuttu and his family have decided to sell everything what they had in order to buy Bitcoin. We have covered this story at CoinStaker when it came out. We were surprised about Taihuttu’s decision, that’s why we have decided to contact him and ask him a few questions about his decision.

CoinStaker (CS): How would you describe your daily life today?

Didi Taihuttu (DT): Our life at the moment is not about accumulating unnecessary stuff anymore. We do not need to run the hamster wheel to get all that stuff. It is really relaxing to live with less pressure of earning money.

Romanie brings the kids to school in the morning and then I start to day trade. I do it to multiply the BTC we have and earn some more money for daily needs. We are still selling a lot of things online, and from these sales we are living at the moment.

CS: It is a less materialistic one?

DT: Yes. Because of this we are now able to spend a lot of time with our kids.

CS: Did Bitcoin help you and your family to learn about the most important things in life?

DT: We have started to change our life when my father passed away and when we discovered that a lot of people, in every trip we have done, lived with less things and were very happy.

To make our first trip we had to sell our company. We bought Bitcoin and Doge, but when we realized that the price was increasing, we had already back the money from the trip. That’s when we realized that cryptocurrencies could make our life less stressful. At the same time, we contribute to the revolution of the monetary system. Now we are living just with cryptocurrencies and we do not have any other job.

Yes, Bitcoin changed our lives.

Taihuttu's Family

Taihuttu’s Family

CS: How did you spend Christmas?

DT: With our family in Holland. But for the new year we will probably be in Bangkok. We want to spend it with sun! Asia is cheaper for us, so we can still keep our money in cryptocurrencies without spending so much. We have received many invitations from all over the world and we are waiting for the time when we will be able to pay a visit to all these people and spend some time with them.

CS: How did your family adapt to the new lifestyle?

DT: At the beginning we had to get used. It was a totally different lifestyle. But it was step by step. As we were backpacking, the kids didn’t have many luxury things the months before. We didn’t go to our house, but we went to a campsite.

Now, we are all very happy with this new way of living. We all enjoy that. We have time to spend time with our kids and them with us. They don’t care about the toys they have sold… but they miss our Jacuzzi!!

Taihuttu's Family During a Trip

Taihuttu’s Family During a Trip

CS: If Bitcoin price goes to $100, would you still be happy about the decision that you have taken?

DT: Yes! We are not definitely interested in money. We are in the cryptocurrency world to show to our kids that there is a different way of living When they will be older they will be able to choose by themselves which kind of life they want. If we go bankrupt, we have tried to change and we had a great adventure because of it. We will still be a healthy and happy family.

Of course, we would be happier if Bitcoin is worth more. That would help us to have a minimalist lifestyle for a very long time. It is among our intentions to share our profit with people worldwide who can use this virtual currency. We believe that people should stop making choices because of fear. They need to start prioritizing their passions and dreams.

How to Get Rid of All These Shoes?

How to Get Rid of All These Shoes?

CS: Which price should Bitcoin hit for you to cash out?

DT: We will not sell our savings because we think that Blockchain will change the monetary system and cryptocurrencies will be a new step in the evolution of money. We think that we will be able to pay our daily things with cryptocurrencies. I am not sure if Bitcoin will be used for daily transactions. It can become the new gold and be used as a store of value. Maybe another cryptocurrency can be used for our daily needs.

CS: Is there something that you would like to advise to the cryptocurrency community?

DT: Blockchain will transform the monetary system and create a more honest world. Cryptocurrencies are the next step in the evolution of money and we advise everybody to support this amazing system that will provide us with more freedom in every single sense of the word.

To know more about the bitcoin family, you can always visit their blog. For donations: Www.cryptocoinsupport.com


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