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The Interactive Brokers Group, Inc (IB Group) is known as one of the premier securities firm with over $6 billion in equity capital. IB Group will offer bitcoin futures to its customers. Bitcoin Futures began trading on the CBOE Futures Exchange and on the CME in the last two weeks. Now these Bitcoin Futures will be available at IB Group.

CBOE and CME Bitcoin Futures With Interactive Brokers

The CBOE and the CME started to list Bitcoin Futures for their customers. The cryptocurrency market was expectant for these decisions and finally they have arrived. Interactive Brokers offers a competitive pricing for futures in the US that include the broker commission and regulatory and clearing fees.

In order to start trading with Interactive Brokers, it is necessary to create a client on its platform. Furthermore, it is necessary a futures trading permission that needs to be approved first. The margin requirement for long positions will be set t 50% of the prior day’s lead month settlement price. IB Group does not issue margin calls and may modify margin requirements at any time at IBKR sole discretion.

Bitcoin Futures are being offered to more and more customers all over the world. The intention is to expand as much as possible the possibility to trade in this volatile market. More investors mean that Bitcoin price could be higher in the middle and long term. Besides that, the volume will increase as more individuals and institutions arrive at the market.

Bitcoin Price Increase

This year has been one of the bests for Bitcoin and its price. The famous cryptocurrency has started the year around $950 dollars and it reached $20,000 some days ago. This important increase has one major reason. More people are investing in cryptocurrencies than never before.

Mainstream media has given more importance to the cryptocurrency market this year. More visibility increased the interest in several individuals and enterprises. Now, these investors are in the market and not only investing in Bitcoin but also in other cryptocurrencies.

At CoinStaker we have covered how Coinbase was receiving more than 100,000 users per day. Coinbase is one of the most known cryptocurrency platforms. It allows new comers to buy and sell easily Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Additionally, it offers a cryptocurrency exchange with different currency pairs known as GDAX.

Now the cryptocurrency market is in a bearish trend that started when Bitcoin touched the $20K level. Today, it has reached $10,400 dollars in GDAX, almost a 50 percent correction from the precious level. We need to wait until Christmas and the new year will start so as to have a better understanding of what’s going on in the market.


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