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Review: ICO – The world’s first full-service mining solution provider – Giga Watt

Giga Watt provides turnkey mining services or custom packages tailored to your needs: full range of mining services from equipment sales, maintenance and repair to private blockchain servicing. Here is the most important information about the Giga Watt Initial Coin Offering

Giga Watt (WTT)
ICO Status: Finished

4.5/5 - (12 votes)

The Giga Watt Project is built in partnership between Giga Watt, Inc. a U.S. company, which offers mining hosting services at its Wenatchee, WA facilities, and GigaWatt Pte. Ltd., a Singapore company, which sells mining equipment to customers worldwide.

Giga Watt is a full-service mining solution provider offering full range of mining services from equipment sales, maintenance and repair to private blockchain servicing. In the past, Giga Watt operated under the brand name MegaBigPower, which was founded by Dave Carlson in 2012.

Giga Watt is able to offer competitive services which could be used not only by the clients of hosting companies but also serve as an alternative to home mining, cloud mining and self-built facilities.

Giga Watt’s technology model is the proprietary Giga Pods solution which takes advantage of the mining hardware's extremely high power density, avoids active cooling consumption and saves power for high-efficiency mining, thus minimizing costs in every aspect of mining operations. Giga Pods can accommodate any type of miners.

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Venture Bancor
Raised Capital:
9 914 985 USD Raised Capital Adelphoi ICO

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round

1 WTT = $1.00 (week 1-2)
1 WTT = $1.05 (week 3-4)
1 WTT = $1.10 (week 5-6)
1 WTT = $1.15 (week 7-8)
1 WTT = $1.20 (week 9)

ICO Token Distribution:
WTT tokens are distributed by Cryptonomos. The first batch of tokens will be distributed one week after the end of sales.

Subsequent batches will be distributed within 2 business days after the new capacities are put into operation. Mining capacities and WTT tokens are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

WTT is an Ethereum token. It complies with and extends ERC-20 - a de-facto standard and widely used token API. WTT Smart Contract guarantees.

The cap is set at 30 000 000 WTT tokens.
WTT token is an Ethereum token representing the right to use the Giga Watt's facility's capacity, rent-free for 50 years, to accommodate 1 Watt's worth of mining equipment power consumption.

Essentially, this is access to professional mining – with an extraordinarily low entrance threshold. In fact, it could be compared to membership in an elite private mining club.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Bancor
ICO Launch:
02. June 2017 at 12:00 PM PDT

ICO Finish:
31. July 2017

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Cryptonomos

Offices and Locations of Adelphoi
1 Campbell Pkwy, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Team behind Giga Watt

 Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson


Software engineer and entrepreneur. 4 years as CEO and founder of MegaBigPower, one of the largest single-operator mining facilities in the world.

Adam West

Adam West

VP Business Development Director, Operator-Partner Program

10 years’ experience in business development, management and marketing. Over the past year focused on Blockchain technologies, with the emphasis on industrial mining projects.

Kyle Sidles

Kyle Sidles


Database design, programming, network infrastructure and application deployment. Successfully built and launched over 200 various software projects in USA, India, and China. Builds and runs large-scale blockchain data centers since 2013.

Jeffrey Field

Jeffrey Field

Lead Engineer

4 years’ experience designing the physical infrastructure for mining facilities, network layouts, and cooling plans while managing technical crews for all aspects of installation and maintenance operations at the MegaBigPower facilities.

 Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong

Operations Supervisor

Service and maintenance of mining equipment, performing training for new personnel, team supervisor on assigned tasks for operations, troubleshooting and repair of network systems. 8 years U. S. Air Force Experience in Security.

Sinden Harum

Sinden Harum

Executive Manager

Day to day operational responsibility for staff, office administration, payroll, human resources, bookkeeping, accounting, core programs, special programs.

Michael Savuskan

Michael Savuskan

CEO of GigaWatt Singapore

24 years’ experience in product, technology, and business development, marketing, planning, and sales management. Sales and profit growth, new business launches, and domestic and international marketplace assessments.

Hayden Gill

Hayden Gill

VP of Sales of GigaWatt Singapore

13 years’ experience in investment, marketing, and alternative currencies. From 2010 focuses on bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Founder of successful projects in peer-to-peer payment services and alternative currencies.

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