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Review: FirstBlood

FirstBlood is a decentralized eSports platform based on smart contracts. Their slogan is Play eSports, Win Rewards. The following table contains the most important info about the FirstBlood ICO.

FirstBlood (1SŦ))
ICO Status: Finished

https://firstblood.io/ Firstblood Ico
4.5/5 - (4 votes)

The idea behind FirstBlood is to create a decentralized eSports platform, where individuals can test their skill and compete in 1v1 or team vs team matches in popular online games. The platform and business logic is based on Ethereum smart contracts which are used for the reward (decentralized escrow) functions.
The game outcomes ar everfified by witnesses (software that is used to report game results) and a human jury. FirstBlood takes 5% as a fee on each bet.

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Venture FirstBlood
Raised Capital:
$5.5 Million USD Raised Capital FirstBlood ICO

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round

Total Coins created at sale:
85.5 Million FirstBlood ICO Tokens

The founding team receives 10% of the 1SŦ allocation, subject to a 12 month holding period.

5% will be allocated to an eSports ecosystem fund for promotions and tournament rewards.
ICO Funds Distribution:
40.8%: Tech Development and UI
16.6%: Sales & Marketing
13.6%: General and Administrative
8.7%: Benefits
7.9%: Misc & Reserves
7.1%: Legal
Remains: Outsourcing, IT & Cybersecurity, Software.

1SŦ tokens are not mineable. After the initial coin offering, no more 1SŦ crypto-tokens will be created.
The FirstBlood Token (1SŦ) will be used for playing matches, witnessing matches and voting on the jury hosting tournaments, claiming rewards from referrals.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering FirstBlood
ICO Launch:
26. September 2016

ICO Finish:
24. October 2016

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
2. November

Highest volume of 1ST can be found on: Yunbi.com

Offices and Locations of FirstBLood
FirstBlood Boston
Boston, MA

Team behind Ethereum

Zack Coburn

Zack Coburn

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Joe Zhou

Joe Zhou

CEO & Co-Founder

Anik Dang

Anik Dang

Developer & Co-Founder

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