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CybCSec Coin [XCS] is a new cryptocurrency being released by the Scandinavian based cybersecurity company, CybCSec Solutions (company formation pending). Their main long-term focus will be on business and personal cyber security features for business and personal users.

ICO Status: Finished
CybCSec is a brand new unique, secure and exciting crypto currency. Initially based upon the Bitcoin concept, CybCSec is the first cryptocurrency coin that offers unique and innovative security Solutions for businesses and end users.

Created and developed by CybCSec Solutions together with their world leading and experienced development team, CybCSec has committed to roll out several NEW Cyber Security features over the coming months for all its Wallet holders. CybCSec has positioned itself as a leading innovative cryptocurrency.

CybCSec will release its features in three phases and the initial phase includes applications such as; Smart Contracts and Secure Messaging which are already implemented. Later phases will include features such as; Antivirus, Cyber Security, intrusions sensors and additional security based innovations. With a multi-industry ecosystem having already being initiated, CybCSec have already been approached by well established companies from a diverse range of industries such as Gaming, Retail and Financial niches.

CybCSec is very much a grounded concept based upon a solid unified vision of bringing communities together into a single platform to affect a truly efficient and growing global ecosystem. CybCSec is a future based coin with a foundation established to work within emerging governing laws and regulations. This perspective has already attracted many businesses and companies all over the globe to integrate the CybCSec coin into their daily operations.

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round

1,000,000 XCS @ 6000 Satoshi per coin
1,000,000 XCS @ 7000 Satoshi per coin
1,000,000 XCS @ 8000 Satoshi per coin
1,000,000 XCS @ 8500 Satoshi per coin
1,000,000 XCS @ 9000 Satoshi per coin
1,000,000 XCS @ 9500 Satoshi per coin
ICO token Distribution:
30% - Primary Development and Administration
20% - IT Operations and Cybersecurity
20% - Marketing and Business Development
20% - Sales and Product Development/Optimising
5% - Legal and Compliance Expenses
5% - Misc., Reserves and Unexpected Costs

250,000,000 CybCSec Coins (XCS)
CybCSec offers a range of benefits to its users:
. High speed crypto coin (20X faster than Bitcoin)
. Annual 8% minting feature
. Secure Stealth Messaging
. Smart Contract Availability
. Access a growing ecosystem
. Future access to Cyber Security and Antivirus services
. Projected solid coin price growth

Offices and Locations of RootProject
CybCSec has no competition in the marketplace whatsoever; it truly is a unique coin and one that has obvious global user-ship applicability. With a transaction speed twenty (X20) times faster than Bitcoin and a larger transaction handling ability. CybCSec also has a very lucrative 8% annual minting facility, coin holders can maximise their coin holdings in a secure, profitable and efficient way.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Bancor
ICO Launch:
3rd August 2017

ICO Finish:
31th August 2017

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Bitcoin

Offices and Locations of RootProject

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