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Review: ICO – Altcoin Intelligence Bot – CryptoPing

Cryptocurrency markets are so innovative, complex and volatile that it is nearly impossible to have a clear view on every single coin. CryptoPing is a bot monitoring crypto markets and sending buying signals from different exchanges for a variety of coins.
Here is the most important information about the CryptoPing Initial Coin Offering:

CryptoPing (PING)
ICO Status: Finished
The complexity and volatility of the ever growing cryptocurrency market bring Crypto traders to put a lot of time and effort into watching the prices, interpreting charts, reading blogs and forums, gathering the most information available out there about coins in order to predict the market trends and realize profitable trades.

Crypto- Ping aims to relieve this burden on Crypto traders solving this issue through an assistant bot monitoring the market situation indicating when it might be a good time to buy a certain altcoin. The bot's market watching and analysis algorithm are tested and verified.

New traders or more experienced ones get the same signals at the same time, therefore giving an equal advantage to all bot users. It's finally up to the trader to weigh the market in the broader context and take the call.

Currently, the signals are sent through the Messenger App Telegram, plans are made to release the standalone application as well as a Social Trading Platform.

Users receive signal messages that include:
- coin ticker;
- link to an exchange that produced the signal;
- trading volume difference for the last hour;
- change to the coin rate to BTC;
- amount of signals on the coin for the last 7 days;
- coin market capitalisation value in USD.

After ICO ends, CryptoPing will start to require small subscription fee in PING tokens to access the signalling bot and other upcoming services.

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Venture Bancor
Raised Capital:
1000.02 BTC (Approx. $2.6 Million) Raised Capital Adelphoi ICO

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round

ICO price = 9.000 PING : 1 BTC CryptoPing ICO Tokens

ICO Token Distribution:
Coins are distributed in one week after ICO ends. Unsold coins will be burned.

PING tokens are not mineable. All PING crypto-tokens are created after one round of public offering. No further PING coins will get created afterward.
CryptoPing services in the future can be paid with tokens only.

The price for reciving signals from bot will be fixed at 0.01 BTC/mo in PING.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Bancor
ICO Launch:
25. May 2017 at 00:00 GMT

ICO Finish:
25. June 2017 at 00:00 GMT

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:

Platform: Waves

Offices and Locations of Adelphoi

Team behind CryptoPing



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The article was written by Booba. Thanks again for helping us and raising our attention for the initial coin offering of crypto-ping! 🙂

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