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The quick development of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry changed the world, but also showed that further development and education is needed. Many universities around the world are opening educational programs for fintech and blockchain technology to produce the next generation of blockchain experts. One thing is for sure, that blockchain technology is here to stay and will be relevant in the next five years at least.

Blockchain technology is evolving faster than the education system and people with certain skill sets are required and will be required in the near future. Those people with the right blockchain education and skill sets will be valuable to current and future emerging projects. The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will open many job spaces for the economy and will change the lives of many people.

Indian blockchain education will be benefitial for the economy

The latest educational blockchain program was launched this week in India, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The program is launched with help from the technology corporation IBM. With their help, the Indian National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning launched an online course on blockchain structure, design, use cases and architecture. Signing for the blockchain program started in 19th June and it will be India’s first attempt in blockchain education programs, which contradicts many of the official pessimistic statements made from Indian officials.

Despite previous negative statements from Indian official on blockchain technology, this time the authorities stated the benefits of blockchain technology. They also noted that for the first quarter of 2018, blockchain skills are one of the most demanded in the Indian Jobs market and in the technological sector. Those that wish to enroll in the program, can enroll from July.

The educational program will cover both applicable use cases of blockchain technology and concept and structure. This will include structure, architecture, fundamental design, security, system and more. Students will have weekly assignments, discussions on the forum, content that will be free and a final exam, after which all students will be certified. All of the content and material will be free on the Indian National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning site.

Blockchain skills are most demanded in the Technological industry

A spokesperson from the Indian Institute of Technology, Sandip Chakraborty stated:

“The popularity of blockchain has moved from cryptocurrencies to business applications across a lot of industries. Industries like insurance, digital identity, finance, healthcare, logistics and many more.”

Professor Sandip Chakraborty helped design the course with the help of Praveen Jayachandran. He is a Technical Manager of Smart Contracts for IBM. He also stated:

“IBM collaboration with India’s leading academic minds to develop a blockchain curriculum is a reflection of our commitment to enable the technology and to realize its whole potential, while also addressing the increased demand for adequate skills for students and developers.”

Despite cryptocurrencies being the most famous application of blockchain technology for now, I expect blockchain technology to outlive cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology’s potential is far greater than that of cryptocurrency projects and this will become evident in the next years. Many famous entrepreneurs have said that Blockchain technology is the main layer, like the internet is. Cryptocurrencies are the next layer, that is on top of the blockchain layer.

But on top of the blockchain layer, many applications can be built that will impact a lot of industries. Other layers like the Internet of Things, data management, logistics and other are being built on the main layer, that is blockchain technology. When more people understand this, many blockchain courses will emerge, but for now India is thinking in the right direction.


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