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World’s fastest growing influencer marketing platform debuts ICO to revolutionize the influencer industry

(NEW YORK, NY) October 12, 2017 – indaHash.com, the global technology platform that connects more than 300,000 digital influencers with a combined reach of 1 billion followers to brands around the world, today announced the launch of their ICO (initial coin offering). The indaHash Coin is a universal cryptocurrency payment structure available to social media influencers, their audiences and brands. indaHash is introducing an ecosystem that enables influencers to create their own cryptocurrencies, which would value the activity of their audi-ence. With the introduction of the indaHash Coin, indaHash will solve a wide range of issues and challenges between influencers, brands and audiences, while allowing their network of global influencers to play a part in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. The ICO pre-distribution will begin on November 8, 2017 and pre-registration for tokens is now open.


Because of a highly structured crypto-economic system, the indaHash Coin has the potential to become the world-standard currency for settling all influencer activities, reflecting the val-ue of this growing market. This ICO paves the way to enable simplified, seamless deposits on an innovative and secure platform, while granting digital tastemakers access to a leading-edge form of payment. It comes from an international business with a proven product, es-tablished track record, healthy revenue and recognizable clients including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and L’Oreal.

How it works: The indaHash crypto-economic system works between three groups: brands, influencers and audiences.

Barbara Soltysinska, co-founder of indaHash.com commented, “As a business, we exist in the digital realm so it makes perfect sense to open up the platform to transactions in crypto-currency which is rapidly growing in popularity. With the introduction of indaHash Coin, we want to tokenize the influencer marketing world and create a revolution in terms of brand cooperation and audience development, solving a wide range of issues and challenges be-tween influencers, brands and fan bases.”

Timeline, implementation and distribution of the indaHash ICO:
● Pre-ICO will begin on November 8, 2017 and will run for 7 days with participants en-joying a bonus for early adoption
● ICO structure will be built on proven smart contract technology and perform an im-mediate exchange of indaHash Coins from Ethereum
● The final number of indaHash Coins created will be determined by how many tokens are released in the ICO
● 80% of all coins are available during pre-ICO and ICO. A maximum of 18% of the to-tal supply of coins will be used to engage and educate existing and new influencers

At the time of this release, the indaHash app is used by over 300,000 social media users in 70 countries. Twenty percent of the token emission will be used to help educate influencers and motivate them to actively use and fully understand the benefits of the indaHash Coin.
As cryptocurrency gains legitimacy and traction within the global financial market, opening up this form of payment to social influencers allows indaHash to be at the forefront of creat-ing a new business model for the influencer marketing industry and stay highly innovative.

For more information or to pre-register for token sales visit indahash.com/ico.

Whitepaper download: https://indahash.com/assets/images/ico_landing/reports/indahash_whitepaper_ico.pdf

Allie Maltese
Head of US Communications

About indaHash:
indaHash – is an international technology platform that automates content marketing cam-paigns with digital influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. It was launched at the beginning of 2016. Since then, the platform has been used to execute over 1000 campaigns in EU, MENA, USA, South Africa, India (in total, over 70 markets) for brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, P&G, or L’Oreal. The app has over 300,000 registered digital influencers with a total reach of over half a billion followers.


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