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IdentiCAT is a brand new, entirely decentralized identification system which was recently unveiled by the Catalonian government.

The project was announced just last weekend and the Catalonian government revealed that the system will in no way have access to citizens’ private data. The announcement was revealed by the President Quim Torra and Jordi Puignero, the Minister of Digital Policies and Administration.

The bidding for system development will start very soon at $600 000. If there are no unexpected setbacks, completion is expected by 2020.

The IdentiCAT system will not have an authoritarian agenda

Catalonian citizens will not be required to use IdentiCAT. Those who do, will have absolute freedom in choosing the data they are willing to share with the government. Citizens can also request that separate parts of their data are held and even shared with third parties.

Catalonian local residents and Catalonians abroad will be free to do so as Torra stated:

“The time of the digital revolution has begun. We are aiming to become an entrepreneurial society which is very supportive of social novelties and innovations. This government aims to put the Catalonian people at the center of their policies, which also includes the digital ones.”

The President also revealed that he supports the concept of digital citizenship and blockchain technology. He claims Catalonia is working towards becoming the first country to implement a decentralized digital identity.

It was heavily highlighted by the Puignero that the system will NOT be used to identify Catalonian citizens. Rather, it would be a more private and efficient way of accessing digital services, developing the economy and empowering the Catalonian people.

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