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MAGOS is a complex AI forecasting model based on collaborative system of neural networks. Outperform the crowd with precise predictions of AI – and receive dividends by holding the tokens.

ICO Status: Finished

MAGOS is a system of neural networks. Each network performs a specific task, and their collaboration produces a forecast with a high degree of accuracy. The backbone of MAGOS is its modular architecture. It allows the development and implementation of individual forecasting modules, targeting different kinds of forecasting domains, from business and finance to sports and politics. Models serves as a core for fund, that operates on Ethereum blockchain. It applies the forecasting model to multiple platforms: prediction markets, exchanges, sportsbooks. Profit is transferred to a smart contract on Ethereum and distributed between token holders at the end of every month. Token holders have access to a share of profits MAGOS fund generates, proportional to the number of tokens they hold. In addition, the tokens grant holders special voting rights, allowing to influence project development and various fund parameters. MAGOS fund is scheduled to launch in Q4 2017.

. Modular architecture
. Planned integrations (Augur, Gnosis, Melonport, 0x)
. Monthly dividends
. Dual token functionality

. Operating for 2 years since 2015
. Open tested with transparent track record
. Significant edge on multiple platforms
. Rank #1 in eSports forecasting
. Proven long-term results

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Raised Capital:
2400 ETH

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round

$0.15 per MAG
ICO token Distribution:

57% - MAGOS investment fund,
33% - Core Development,
3% - Marketing,
2% - Complementary technologies,
2% - Contingency


. A maximum of 50,123,377 MAG will be created.
. 77% (38,595,000 MAG) will be distributed to the investors during the sale
. No token creation, minting or mining will be available after the sale

MAG tokens can used in two ways:
[PASSIVE] - Receiving monthly dividends by holding the tokens
[ACTIVE] - Voting on
. Profit distribution
. Network resource usage
. Module releases


MAGOS is the only project that does not only possess a proven forecasting model with 28% ROI on eSports markets (publicly tested and verified), but also provides 85% dividend monthly payout to the token holders. Modular architecture allows the expansion of the model to all kinds of forecasting domains, staying ahead of any possible competition and preventing the possibility of losing the edge.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Bancor
ICO Launch:
16 August 2017

ICO Finish:
30 September 2017

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum

Offices and Locations of RootProject
Switzerland / Zürich

Team behind MAGOS

Ante Magnusson MAGOS

Ante Magnusson

CEO, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Before becoming obsessed with deep learning and neural networks, Ante was a financial advisor and a trader who specialised in algorithmic trading, game theory, and technical analysis.

Andreas Theiss MAGOS

Andreas Theiss

CTO, Co-Founder

Full-stack data scientist with a strong background in mathematics and statistics. Andreas is an expert in predictive modeling and holds a MSPA (The Master of Science in Predictive Analytics) from Northwestern University. His current research interests are deeply rooted in using Artificial intelligence for forecasting a wide spectre of events.

Daniel Kim MAGOS

Daniel Kim

Data Engineer

Student of data engineering with a hacker mindset and a passion for robotics. A wizard of data mining and creative data visualisation.

Isaac Welch  MAGOS

Isaac Welch

Solidity Developer

IT Security specialist and a Junior Smart Contracts Developer.

Christopher Davison  MAGOS

Christopher Davison

Sports Statistical Analyst

Seasoned sports statistician and consultant. Christopher has extensive experience in discovering new methods of using and presenting sports statistics.

Kim Seung Ho  MAGOS

Kim Seung Ho

E-Sports Advisor

Early bitcoin adopter and a professional handicapper with 12 years of experience. Kim Seung Ho is a master in a field of e-sports and a generator of endless ideas when it comes to finding and extracting new edges from e-sports data.

Visit magos.io for more info.

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