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indaHash provides brands and companies with an easy way to contact influencers in order to create authentic, original and professional campaigns. It is a link between enterprises that want to reach a specific audience, and influencers, that would be the intermediary between them.

indaHash, with this ICO, tries to tokenize the influencer industry. As it is explained on their white paper, this industry is growing strongly and would reach between five and ten billion dollar market in 2020. With more than 300.000 influencers registered from seventy different countries, indaHash is prepared to launch its own cryptocurrency, indaHash Coin.

indaHash has grown exponentially in the last two years. Since the first quarter of 2016 until the first quarter of 2017, the innovative enterprise experienced an increase on its sales that arrived at 295% growth. The amount of influencers registered in indaHash helped to achieve this amazing performance.

During the same period, the number of influencers grew 352%. The more the registered influencers, more earnings the platform has. In this way, enterprises and brands have better possibilities of promoting their names and products, with more engagement from the public and a wider and diverse market.

How does it work?

First, the brand pays the influencer for its work with indaHash Coin. Second, the influencer can sell the indaHash Coin in an exchange platform, buy products in different companies that accept indaHash Coin or receive discounts for different products. Third, the influencer could eventually create its own tokens and give them to its audience as prizes. In this way, the influencers would give, the people that follow them, the possibility to become engaged with them in different and innovative ways.

The clients that want to use indaHash Coins go to indaHash application, determine which kind of campaign they want the influencers to do, in which countries, and then they select an amount of money that they would like to pay with the new cryptocurrency. The Coins are received by the influencer and the campaign starts. When the campaign starts, the brand has access to charts, to general information and to the effectiveness that the advertisement has.

As indaHash claims, companies have big difficulties when they make campaigns for all the different social media outlets. With this new platform, companies get seven times more engagement than with traditional advertising.

“Tokenizing” the influencer industry

The way that indaHash wants to tokenize the influencer industry is quite simple to understand. They search for brands and enterprises that would like to start to develop their cooperation with influencers. Once the enterprises and brands show their interest to start a campaign, then the influencers engage with them and receive indaHash Coin for the work done. The audience is also included in the tokenization of the influencer industry.

When influencers receive indaHash Coin as payment, they can create their own tokens and share them with the followers they have to promote different activities and create a deeper relation with them. In this way, indaHash plans to revolutionize the influencer industry.

When does the ICO start?

On November the 8th 2017 the pre-ICO starts for seven days. The next December, if the tokens haven’t been distributed during the pre-ICO, the ICO would start. In January, the company would work to become integrated with large exchange platforms and in February an in-app expanded wallet would be created for influencers.

After the integration of indaHash Coin with the application during March, there will be, in April, a massive promotional and educational campaign for influencers in 15 major countries. This event, would allow companies and brands to adapt their ways of payments in order to be able to accept indaHash Coins. In July, the influencer tokenization program would be launched and, during these months, educational campaigns would be extended in 45 countries. Finally, by the end of 2018, a Pre-paid card would be distributed to influencers with indaHash Coins payments.

The total amount of indaHash (IDH) tokens will be 400 million IDH and during the pre-ICO the maximum amount will be 320 million IDH.

The main ICO will have a bonus structure for the entire distribution period that will consist of 20% bonus the first week with an exchange rate of 1 ETH = 3840 IDH. During the second week, the exchange rate will be 1 ETH = 3520 IDH, implying a 10% bonus. And the third week 1 ETH = 3200 IDH, meaning that the bonus will be equal to 0%.

Barbara Soltysinska is the CEO of indaHash. She is a Polish entrepreneur that was he co-founder of LifeTube, one of Central Europe’s biggest multi-channel networks.

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