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FinShi ICO

FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed on blockchain technology. Anyone who has at least one dollar can become an investor. The fund was founded by Capinvest 21 venture fund and a group of Asian venture investors (Asian LP).

FinShi Capital
ICO Status: Finished

Right after the ICO FinShi Capital is going to extend its portfolio by selecting at
least 15 Fintech and Blockchain projects on Seed and A/B rounds. Once the project grows
in value, the fund performs an exit (sells the shares to strategic buyers).
Token owners own shares in each of our portfolio companies. So, after each exit they get
dividends (approximately every couple of months). The fund plans to sell all of its shares in 2 years.

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
Round 1 Venture Round
$1.3 million on the pre-ICO

$1 per FINS

ICO token Distribution:
75% investments in startups,
10% for Marketing,
10% for administrative expenses for the next 2 years,
5% for Bounties and Advisers.


FinShi Capital ICO
50 000 000 tokens will be created. Not mineable.
The main thing that our tokens will be used for is investing in startups. Each token owner will be a shareholder of the fund's portfolio projects. The owners will be able to sell the tokens on exchange markets, or hold on to them and get dividends after each fund's exit from a startup.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering FinShi Capital
ICO Launch:
6th of September 2017

ICO Finish:
6th of October 2017

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum

Offices and Locations of the FinShi Capital
FinShi Capital address:
Singapore and Russia

Team behind FinShi Capital

Andrey Orlov FinShi Capital

Andrey Orlov

Managing Partner

Andrey has wide experience of managing real sector of economy companies in various spheres: production, logistics and construction. Moreover he started, developed and then sold several businesses himself. Entrepreneur until 2004 he had two successful startups focusing on mobile devices – a communications store Mobilnik and a distributor of digital devices DigitalFree. In 2008 he joined Capinvest 21 and started working on its projects. 2008-2011 were the years when Andrey took part in development of different Capinvest 21’s portfolio projects. These projects were from such sectors of economy as oil and gas pipeline construction, detailed engineering, commerce and information services. Since 2015 he acts as a managing partner of Capinvest 21. Andrey is also a representative of Blockchain Association in Russia.

Vyacheslav Sorokin FinShi Capital

Vyacheslav Sorokin


Vyacheslav helps the company to build strong relations with its partners and contractors (including GR), he is also responsible for the technical side of our portfolio projects. In addition to all of the above, he has experience of working in the power industry. Vyacheslav has vast experience of direct sales and marketing. Before joining Capinvest 21, he had worked in offline business. He is an entrepreneur with 16 years of experience and 3 own service industry startups in Ural Federal District. Vyacheslav is also a representative of IIDF in the Tyumen Region.

Ayami Tanaka FinShi Capital

Ayami Tanaka


Ayami has been working with Capinvest 21 since 2016. She is responsible for organization of events, meetings and conferences. She’s? a professional translator fluent in several languages, so she works closely with international projects and partners.

Go to FinShi.Capital for more info.

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