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Huobi Prime is about to change the entire experience of trading cryptocurrencies on the Huobi crypto exchange. This new system is essentially a coin-launch platform. The platform will ensure that all cryptocurrencies which the exchange’s clients purchase are immediately deposited into their accounts. The deposited currencies can also be instantly traded for the Huobi Token (HT).

According to the company, clients will have access to coins at below-market prices. Additionally, new projects and currencies which are not included on the major crypto exchanges will also be available.

It’s company policy that the executive team keeps working relations with the project leaders of every listed coin or token. These partnerships are able to determine great market values for Huobi’s clients. In case of extreme volatility, the executives have also decided to implement tiered price limits.

The crypto space has a real issue with low-quality coins and access to coins of real value. It’s very important that this issue is worked on during this bear market. After a lot of people fell victims to ICO scams, it’s completely normal that there’s public mistrust. This is the main reason that Huobi Prime will be great for both clients and developers.

Huobi Prime has serious requirements for coins and tokens

In order for a coin or token to be listed on Huobi Prime, a three-round offering process must be completed. Prices are capped, but in time these caps can be increased. Huobi Prime’s first coin will be TOP, the token of the Top Network blockchain project. The company focuses mainly on IoT data-sharing, communication and video messaging. Top Network is also currently at work on a new PBFT-DPoS-based public blockchain. According to representatives from the company, this new blockchain will be able to process more than 1000 transactions/second.

Top is definitely a logical choice which shows a lot of potential. The head of marketing for the Huobi Group, Ross Zhang shared some insight on the first currency choice of Huobi Prime:

“We were quite impressed by the company’s ambitions to become the biggest public chain for dApps. In reality, it’s also the first real high-performance public chain with a multi-million userbase. We are also very impressed by the founding team behind Top Network. Steve Wei and Noah Wang acting as CEO and CMO are two professionals with incredible reputation and knowledge in their respective fields.”

Getting listed on Huobi Prime is no easy task. Especially with the huge amount of “shitcoins”, strict measures have to be taken. The coins which want to be listed on Huobi Prime must present a strong and progressive business model, a very reliable project team, solid financial backing and longstanding community support. The applicants also cannot have been listed on any other major exchanges.

That being said, the interest in Huobi Prime is rising tremendously. All traders who wish to make use of this exciting new platform, must have a Huobi Global account and an average monthly holding of 500 Huobi Tokens before the platform is launched.

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