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A few months ago, Coinstaker reported about HTC’s ambitions for a blockchain phone. These ambitions are about to bear fruit as HTC is officially ready to release the blockchain phone. If we take a step back, we can see the technological leaps. HTC released their first Android phone exactly 10 years ago.  With the new HTC Exodus being available for pre-order, this is can be considered a great leap for one decade.

The company had a few doubts about their marketing strategy with the HTC Exodus, but ultimately decided that the phone can be purchased or pre-ordered only via cryptocurrency. This move is welcomed by crypto users, but if the phone gets extremely popular, changes can be made accordingly.

As for the EXODUS 1, so far it’s only bought with bitcoin or ethereum. If there are no unexpected developments, shipping is projected to start by the beginning of December. The shipping will be available to customers in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and 30 additional countries.

HTC is also actively looking for developers to join the early access version. The company highly values the opinion and viewpoints of the blockchain community and desires its assistance. Maximum security is as usual, the desired goal and any feedback and solutions from the community will help towards its achievement.

The HTC Exodus is focused on safety and security

Many people interested in the Exodus have asked about the crypto keys. As HTC revealed earlier, the Exodus will have a “secure enclave”, which will store the user’s crypto keys. This enclave will be kept aside from the Android operating system.

If users find their phone stolen, hacked, lost or they forget their keys themselves, HTC has their back. The company has built a “Social Key Recovery” progress. This progress allows users to name a list of contracts as “trusted.” Every one of these users will be able to download the key management app. The recovery key/seed will then be split evenly among the trusted.

Depending on how well the early access version goes, the company plans to release many application program interfaces or APIs for third-party developers. This will allow the developers to use the HTC EXODUS 1 to protect keys and sign transactions.

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