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HTC blockchain crypto phone

After months without end of speculation of the one of the world’s first smartphone that was blockchain powered, we finally have details on the release date of the product. The HTC Exodus, the world’s first blockchain powered android is said to launch on the 22nd of October, three days from the time of this writing. The phone is to be released by Taiwan tech powerhouse HTC Corporation. This final release date comes after the phone’s initial release time was moved from the third quarter of this year to the last.

The phone is said to come with full support for basically all the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP etc, thanks to a cold storage locker feature of the phone for safely storing cryptocurrencies even offline. The key specifications of the phone still remain an unsolved mystery with about just 3 days to go for its official global launch.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that the phone will be competing with another upcoming blockchain phone known as the Finney phone, and that the phone’s release time is also unkwown.

Blockchain technology coming into the phones arena was undoubtedly annoying  but a reality we have to face and probably for the better. Sirin Labs announced during the third  quarter of 2018 it had come up with a blockchain phone known as Finney phone. After weeks, the company allegedly had made some $157 million in an ICO that was meant to raise funds from believers in the vision. Eventually the company came to announce a call off of their partnership with IOTA in favour of the Ethereum based.

Sirrin labs later announced that the phone will be available for purchase in the month of  November. In this very month of October the first ever blockchain calls by Pundi X. The test run was conducted by the company under the name.

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