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Consumer electronics and smartphone giant HTC revealed their plans to launch their first blockchain-powered Android smartphone. The smartphone’s name will be Exodus and it will launch with multi-blockchain wallet support for major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The list will be bigger, as more partnerships are expected to be announced. The phone will be able to utilize DAPPs (decentralized applications) and other blockchain applications.

The smartphone will utilize multiple blockchain protocols, like Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s protocols, and the Lightning Network. Furthermore, HTC reportedly are looking in the possibility of a native blockchain network ecosystem that will be powered by Exodus phones as nodes. These nodes will support cryptocurrency trading between users and speed up the process. Exodus will offer high standards of data protection and security.

For now, there is no information about the smartphone’s availability or price, but HTC are considering a cryptocurrency payment option. One thing is for sure, that Exodus will be packed with powerful software that is designed to provide a secure cryptocurrency trading experience. Blockchain will further strengthen the security because of the complicated encryption tools it offers and will ensure really fast transactions.

HTC blockchain smartphone, Exodus

The creator of HTC Vive, Phil Chen made the announcement and unveiling of the new HTC project on the Consensus conference in New York City. He will be leading all of HTC’s blockchain projects and said that the company’s mission is to support the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem, so they can help protocols to expand their base of dedicated nodes. During the conference, Phil Chen said:

“Our vision is a phone where you hold your own keys, you own your personal data and identity, and your smartphone is the hub.” He also added: “I want to see a world where the end consumer can fully own his data, identity, wallets, assets, browsing history, emails, messaging and more, without the need for centralized authority.”

Phil Chen’s decision to lead HTC’s blockchain division is a common move these days, after high profile executives of Instagram and Messenger have switched to lead Facebook’s blockchain division. His new title will be DCO (decentralized chief officer).

HTC is evolving, as technology evolves

The HTC Exodus will be the second commercial blockchain-powered smartphone ever made. In April, the blockchain Operation Systems supplier and developer Sirin Labs found a manufacturer for their take on the blockchain smart device. Set manufacturer was FIH Mobile, which is a subsidiary for Foxconn Technology. They agreed to help in manufacturing and development of the phone.

HTC’s global market share in mobile devices has shrinked from 11% in 2011 to less than a percent, counted last year. HTC’s high-end smartphone will be produced in 500.000 to 1 million devices this year. However, compared to their rival Samsung’s 20 million units for the Galaxy S8, HTC is still far behind.

HTC’s blockchain smartphone is a bold move by the company, as lately many companies have launched blockchain initiatives, seeking more profits, seeking innovation, novelty and to remain competitive. Earlier this year, HTC had to lay off a big part of its American staff and merged their virtual reality division with their smartphone division. Still, we will wait and see on what the company will deliver. A good smartphone that will allow users to pay with cryptocurrencies will be game changing and can put HTC back to the spotlight.


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