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In the year 2017, the cryptocurrency market capitalization increased so rapidly that it exceeded $500 billion USD in December. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market is doing the same volume of daily trades as the New York Stock Exchange, and the global cryptocurrency trading volume has exceeded stock trading volume. This is illustrative of the fact that cryptocurrencies primarily serve trading and investment functions right now. Most existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms take advantage of that by charging high trading fees that cut into the profit margins of both the buyers and sellers.
However, a new exchange platform called CoinPulse — due to be launched in June 2018 — promises to introduce several features that will enable users to drastically minimize their trading fees and subsequently maximize their profits. CoinPulse is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange platform founded on the principle of collective community input and support. The platform has been designed after consulting with a number of community members regarding their current grievances with exchange platforms. Some of the most common complaints referred to the inability of users to impact tokens that are introduced into the platforms, and their high trading fees. As such, CoinPulse has introduced features that will remedy these issues.
“The top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges charge an average of 0.2% trading fees for both makers and takers. This drastically cuts into the traders’ profit margins,” said Chez Darji, co-founder of CoinPulse. “However, our goal is to create an exchange platform that prioritizes the needs and demands of its community. As such, CoinPulse will provide traders with the means and opportunity to reduce their trading fees to a mere 0.06%, thus maximizing their profits.”

How to Reduce Trading Fees to 0.06% with CoinPulse

CoinPulse Generally speaking, CoinPulse charges a trading fee of 0.20%, much the same as various other exchange platforms in the market. However, if a user pays the trading fee using CPEX tokens (the CoinPulse native tokens), they can take advantage of a 70% discount, bringing the trading fee down to just 0.06%. In addition to lower trading fees, this feature will also lead to higher liquidity for the CPEX tokens, which will, in turn, increase their value over time.
In addition to the discounted trading fee, users can also enroll into the Referral Program. This will give them the opportunity to earn a 30% commission of trading profits (in the form of the same tokens being traded) on all trades made by individuals they refer to the platform.
These features are crucial in helping traders minimize their trading fees, more so than any other platform, and maximize their profits as a result.

Other Reasons to Use CoinPulse

While the discounted trading fee and referral program serve as the two direct means of maximizing profits on CoinPulse, there are various other features that also enhance the user experience.

  1. Multi-Sig Wallets: CoinPulse considers security a top priority. CoinPulse exchange wallets will be multi-sig with three private keys, as opposed to most exchange platforms which only offer single-sig wallets. As such, even developers will require at least three signatures to move the coins. Furthermore, a hot key will stop all withdrawals in case of a hacking attack, and 90% of all assets will be held in cold storage.
  2. Voting on Tokens: Users can vote on tokens that they would like added to the platform. CoinPulse will then use the results to determine which tokens to introduce.
  3. Trailing Stop-Loss Orders: The automatic or trailing stop-loss feature is one of the most powerful and unique features introduced in the CoinPulse platform. It is a dynamic feature which will trigger a 20% increment in Stop Loss price each time the purchased currency increases by 20% — this percentage is based on the original Buying Price and Stop Loss. When the trailing stop-loss feature is used, the buy order executes as usual at the established price and the sell order gets executed at stop-loss limit if the best bid immediately goes down to the set price to protect from the loss. But if the market first goes up by, let’s say 60%, the Stop Loss Limit will also go up by 60%. So, once the user’s stop-limit is revised automatically by the system and then the price goes down, the sell order will get executed at this revised stop-loss price, thereby making a profit. So, each time the cryptocurrency goes up by 20%, the sell price protection (Stop Limit) also goes up by 20%, thereby letting the users automatically take advantage of the currency moving in their favor without having to readjust the Stop Limit to benefit from the increase in the price.

In addition to enhancing the user experience of the platform and minimizing the trading fees, these features also make it clear that CoinPulse is dedicated to prioritizing the interests of its community and giving them an active voice in the functioning of the platform. Furthermore, to facilitate buy-in, CoinPulse has also launched an event called 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway. According to the terms of the giveaway, individuals who sign up to the platform will receive 200 free CPEX tokens on or after the 1st of July, 2018, after completing at least one trade in the new platform. This giveaway will last only until the 20 million supply runs out.
For more information on the platform, or the 20 Million CPEX giveaway, please visit https://coinpulse.io/



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