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How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

Although it seems like an industry still in its infancy, people have been investing in, mining, purchasing, and earning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2009, so it’s little wonder the digital currency sector has plenty of different players in the game. 
Like any market, competition is rife, with every business that trades on crypto keen to outdo its competitors and grow its market share. But aiming for this and achieving it are two very different things, which is why lots of exchanges and brokers have begun to create affiliate programs to boost their profile and bolster their position.   
For those looking to earn some additional passive income, this is news to be celebrated, especially if you have a website with plenty of traffic. As attractive as the prospect might seem, however, choosing a body to affiliate with still takes some serious consideration. If you need a little help with it, here are a few of the most important factors to think about…   

Commission rates


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Although some people might join a crypto affiliate program because it complements their business offerings or encapsulates a personal passion, most do so because they’re looking to earn a little money on the side. This means, of course, that the amount they’re paid is important. If this applies to you, then here’s our advice: always ask about the commission rate you can expect. The best companies will likely pay you between 30 and 50 per cent per transaction, which can provide a decidedly healthy boost to your bank balance.  

Marketing tools for affiliates

As an affiliate who will likely receive commission, you ideally want to partner with a business that has a strong marketing strategy and plenty of tools to draw people in. The Mr Green affiliate program is a perfect example of what we mean. This online casino knows just how to attract new clientele, and makes sure its partners have everything from extensive reporting tools to monthly discount codes, so that visitors to your website can easily be converted into customers for theirs.  

Payout frequency


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Although some people aren’t too bothered about how often they’re paid, those who need money quickly, or like to keep track of exactly what they’re earning, might also want to pay attention to how frequently various affiliate programs will credit their accounts. Some will pay daily, some weekly, and some monthly, so if an immediate cash reward is important to you, you might want to give preference to those who fall into the former category. 

Mode of pay

Although most affiliate programs will pay you by bog-standard bank transfer, there are also cryptocurrency businesses that are willing to pay you in bitcoin or its like. For some, this is a huge advantage; for others, an absolute no-go. It’s entirely up to you to decide your preference, but do make sure you find a partner who can give you what you want without question or quibble.
Which crypto business will you affiliate with? 


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