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What Is Honeyminer?

Mining Bitcoin with your laptop or desktop computer has been obsolete for nearly 6 years now. However, with the help a new service called Honeyminer, people can do just that. Well, sort of.  Honeyminer is a new browser mining pool, that allows users to harness their spare computing power with their home desktops and laptops, to mine cryptocurrency. While the cryptocurrencies that are actually mined are Ethereum, Monero, Z-cash, DASH, Stellar and other alt coins, the amount of cryptocurrency you earn is automatically converted into Bitcoin for you and added to your balance. They do recommend that you mine using a GPU, but they do also say that you can earn a small amount with just a regular CPU, as well.

How to Get Started with Honeyminer

Getting started with Honeyminer is as simple as downloading their app to your computer or laptop and signing in. Once you are signed in, your mining operation will start automatically. Currently, there are no options for users to choose what coins to mine or even the amount of processing or graphical power to use. They do say that they will be adding these features in the near future. For now, you simply sign in and they do the rest, including converting all of your mining proceeds into Bitcoin for you.

Downloading and installing their web app is pretty easy and the interface is very user friendly. Once you have gotten the Honeyminer web app downloaded, you will be asked to create an account. To so, simply fill in your email address and they will automatically and instantly send you your password. Return to the app and login. Once logged in you will see your dashboard and links for help and your account.

Honeyminer Mining Dashboard

Your Honeyminer Dashboard looks very modern and neat. It is not cluttered at all and the information it displays is easily discernible. There is an image of a coin pot and a graphical meter that shows you your current level and lets you know how much more XP you need to level up to the next level. Leveling up and gaining XP is done by simply letting the mining software run on your computer. The levels move fairly quickly in the beginning and it is assumed that the higher the level, the more time it takes to gain the XP needed.

Next to your level, you will see your total account balance in Satoshis. Below this is the area where you can see the total amount earned for the current day and the day prior. At the very bottom of your dashboard, you will find a mining power switch that allows you to pause the miner and turn it back on. Next to this, they show you the number of referrals you have, if any and then the number of GPU and CPU cores that you have mining. There are also buttons there for you to see more detailed information on everything.

There is also a link for settings, but there is very little that you can control other than what to do when the window closes, whether or not to start the miner with Windows and if you want to use GPU, CPU or both. According to the website, they are working on implementing a more feature robust version of Honeyminer to be released in the near future.

Honeyminer Earning Potential

Honeyminer can be profitable for anyone who has a computer or laptop that they can utilize to mine for them. The amount that can be earned will depend on the type of processing power you have to use. GPU mining will net more than CPU mining every time, and using a newer GPU, you can realistically earn between $1-$3 per day. On the other end of the scale, using a lower end CPU, single core only, you can make about $0.05-$0.10 per day. (Amounts are in USD).

When considering power consumption into the mix, if you already are going to have the computer powered on anyways, there is negligible power usage difference from when you are running the miner and when you are not. However, if you do not have the computer running at the ties you will be mining normally, then the power consumption would make it not profitable to mine unless you are using a top-end GPU.

They do have a mining calculator of sorts that will tell you what your potential earnings could be, in total, after 5 or 10 years. They do allow you to adjust the Annual growth, in percentage, of Bitcoin. This helps to give you a realistic idea of what the potential total earnings over that period of time can be for you. Just remember that these calculations are assuming you are using high end equipment.

Honeyminer Business Model

Honeyminer is very upfront about everything they do. The way that they offer total transparency of their operation is reassuring that they are a company you can trust. They do not sugar coat anything here. They tell you up-front that if you want to make the $1-$3 per day, you need to use a top of the line GPU processing unit and run it 24 hours a day.

They offer customer support by email and their response time is within 12 hours. They also have a knowledge base which can answer most of your questions or address your concerns fairly quickly. The mining software is still in its infant stages, so there is not much to ask, do or have go wrong as of yet.

While the Honeyminer software is not packed full of features at this time, the company is working on adding additional features and creating a separate version, called Honeyminer pro. The date of this release is not yet determined but according to the company, they are working feverishly to get these new features rolled out ASAP.

Honeyminer Withdrawals

Withdrawing your Bitcoin from Honeyminer is fairly simple. You need to add a wallet address for your Bitcoin wallet that you wish to withdraw your Bitcoin to. After that, you just need to have enough to cover the 500 Satoshi minimum and 2000 Satoshi withdrawal fee charged by Honeyminer. Once you hit the withdraw button, your Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet within a few minutes.

Honeyminer Extra Features

Honeyminer is offering all new users a sign-up bonus of 1,000 Satoshi. This is credited to your account when you sign up and is available instantly, free and clear. To sign-up, you simply go to the Honeyminer website and download the app. Once it is downloaded and installed, it will ask for your email address. Type it in and they will instantly email you your password. Retrieve that and enter your login details and away you go. The miner will start mining instantly for you. Then you just continue doing what you were already doing. The miner is designed so that it does not hinder your computer’s performance at all. If you are using your GPU or CPU for something, the miner will cut back on what it uses to mine your Bitcoin, making it an unobtrusive app.

Honeyminer also has a referral program that allows you to invite friends, family or people from your social media circles. They will pay you 10% of the fees they earn from your referrals for life. On top of that, they will give you 5% of your referrals referred user’s fees as well. They make it very simple for you to maximize your earnings in an easy to understand and simple to set-up kind of way. You do not need to be a computer programmer to use their app. It is designed to be easy to use for users of all levels.

Honeyminer Summary

Browser mining has sprung up almost overnight. Although it is a great way to earn money, it has had its share of issues. Mainly, most of these browser mining services will harness your computers processing power without even telling you, let alone give you a full featured and downloadable app. Honeyminer has emerged as a real player in this evolving market of browser mining that can be trusted and be called reliable.

If you have some extra GPU or even CPU power available, give Honeyminer a try. It never hurts to add a few extra bucks to your pocket and with Honeyminer, you can be assured that you are not being scammed, ripped off or having anything else malicious happen to you.

Give Honeyminer a try and get your FREE 1,000 Satoshis sign-up bonus now.

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