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HIVE Blockchain
The functionality of cryptocurrencies can be an enigmatic concept to grasp, especially considering that the blockchain itself remains an abstraction in the minds of non-enthusiasts. HIVE Blockchain (TSX.V: HIVE) is seeking to advance general awareness of not only the blockchain, but also of how mining plays a central role in ensuring the technology’s longevity, optimization, and security.
HIVE wants the average Joe or Jane to know that cryptocurrency mining is completely digital. It requires no flashlights or hard hats—construction of the mining farms aside. It’s also important to note that cryptocurrency mining operations the size of HIVE’s, which is located in an undisclosed region of Sweden, don’t come along often. When they do, it’s rare that the public is granted a look behind its walls.
Last week, HIVE released exclusive 360° VR footage taking you on an interactive tour through their newest crypto mining farm which generates over 24 MW of computing power to date with plans to generate an additional 20 MW by September.
With a strong balance sheet showing heavy cash flow, there’s plenty to like about what HIVE Blockchain is doing. Transparency is right up there with the most appealing reasons to get on the HIVE train. And their latest venture into VR illustrates once again that they want to give the public access to cutting-edge tools that both enhance awareness of the blockchain and are also supremely cool.

About HIVE Blockchain

HIVE Blockchain was the first publicly traded blockchain infrastructure company in Canada and is backed by crypto mining conglomerate Genesis Mining. HIVE operates clean mining farms in Sweden and Iceland, then holds the new majority of their freshly minted crypto coins in their portfolio, giving investors a unique way to gain exposure to the crypto industry.
Ready to take the tour?
Click HERE
(Please note that the VR experience is not viewable from a mobile browser and must be viewed on either the YouTube app or from your desktop.)


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