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HashOcean Review

This is a HashOcean Review, in which you can fast see the most important statistics (ROI, price per KH/s, Payouts, Payment methods etc.) for Cloud-Mining Provider HashOcean. Check out this page weekly, to find out what is happening.
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Paying Status: NOT PAYING
https://hashocean.com/ HashOcean
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Price per KH/s (SHA-256):
0.31 USD

Min. mining power:
20 KH/S

Payouts: DAILY

Payment methods:
Test Details
Investment: 1.891 BTC
Hash power: 2832 KH/s
Cloud Mining Indicators
Daily ROI: 1.06 %
Days to ROI: 94
Purchase date: 08.04.2015
Rebuy: 19.06.2016
Monitored: 3358 daysLast update: 26.06.2016

More information (Tweets, Profile, Pricing) about this Cloud Minining Service

Mining Power (KH/s) fromPrice (USD per KH/s)

HashOcean Cloud Mining

Five data-centres. High earning power. Return on investment within 5 months. 15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=11&v=T-IFOkrcmP0

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Our HashOcean Investment

Update 20.4.2016: After monitoring Hashocean for more than a year now, we think this is still the best paying cloud mining provider! We also think, that we are one of the biggest investors out there, having invested more than 11.982 BTC.

What we think the best feature of HashOcean is: the automatical withdrawal. It’s just so nice to see daily emails of earning.

We hope to make a new update one year from now, when hashocean is still paying and has NOT turned to scam.

Proof of our HashOcean Bitcoin Investment

After one of our visitors (Markus) wanted to see payment proof, we decided that indeed it is something we should have showcased from the beginning. So without further ado, here screenshots of the profitability of our investment in HashOcean:

First HashOcean Payment (1st of Mai 2015):

Latest HashOcean Payment (29th of Mai 2016):

Here if you want to see it on Blockchain.info.

What is HashOcean paying out daily?

In the moment of updating (30.05.2016), the current daily transaction sum is about 191 BTC. This is calculated of the last 7 transactions they have made (82 + 397 + 190 + 127 + 256 + 197 + 88).

Development: HashOcean Datacenters

HashOcean have already constructed 7 Datacenters for Mining in different cities all around the world. On the following time-line you can see the establishment date, place and mining power:

  1. 15/10/2012First data centre in San Francisco – 38.9 GH/s
  2. 03/5/2013Second data centre in San Francisco – 36.7 GH/s
  3. 09/12/2013First data centre in New York – 41.6 GH/s
  4. 05/06/2014First data centre in Singapore – 41.2 GH/s
  5. 28/11/2014First data centre in Nuremberg – 42.9 GH/s
  6. 28/5/2015Second data centre in Singapore – 38.1 GH/s
  7. 12/02/2016New data centre in Nuremberg – 52.7 GH/s

HashOcean uses Radeon R9 280X for the mining in their bitcoin data centres.
It is awesome to see a continues growing rate of servers and investors. This healthy progress shows why HashOcean is one of the best Bitcoin Cloud Mining provider at the moment!

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