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Hashnest (PACMiC v5)
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Price per 6 TH/s (PACMiC v5):
1.00 BTC

Min. mining power:
6 TH/S

Payouts: INSTANT
Withdrawal: MANUALLY

Payment methods:
Test Details
Investment: 1.00 BTC
Hash power: 6 TH/s
Cloud Mining Indicators
Daily ROI: 0.20%
Days to ROI: 500
Purchase date: 11.11.2016Monitored: 224 dLast update: 18.06.2017
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HASHNEST Cloud Mining

The PACMiC is the abbreviation of payback accelerated cloud mining contract, whose point is to accelerate the payback. Compare to other cloud mining contracts, PACMIC will accelerate the payback with much less time. The price of PACMIC V5 is 1BTC per contract, and there is 6TH/s hashrates in each contract. The contract will take effect immediately after the user completes the payment successfully. After the contract takes effect, the user starts to get profit from cloud mining of 6TH/s hashrates, and it will distribute the profit by PPLNS in antpool while Bitmain will pay for the maintenance and electricity fee. While distributing the shares, it will provide the interest as 0.45 satoshi/BTC/S to user firstly, and the rest will be used to pay back the principal. The contract will end when the principal get fully paid back. First of all, all the productivity of PACMiC will distribute to users as priority, and users can take their principals back much faster with lower invest risk. As other cloud mining products take about 40%-90% of profit to pay for the maintenance fee while the net profit is only around 10%-60% of the profit, which will make the payback very slow; Secondly, PACMiC product has 6T hashrates by each BTC and makes the principal to be paid back more quickly. For example, 1000BTC can purchase a PACMiC V5 contract with 6000T=6P hashrates, computing as current difficulty, the user can get about 6BTC of principle to be paid back and around 60,000,000 satoshi=0.51BTC of profit in the first day. In the second day, if the lucky value of Antpool is the same as the first day, the user will receive same amount, the only difference is that the interest will be a little less than the first day but more will be used to pay back the principal. With the release of PACMiC, users don’t need to worry about the high rate of electricity or the climbing difficulty of the blocks, and the cloud mining will be a low-risk investment with pleasant.

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