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Things have definitely changed over the last 10 years as bitcoin interest keeps rising higher. Unfortunately, bitcoin is no longer in large supply. People can no longer gain incredible mining rewards via their humble setups from home. Hashing24 will try and help people relive some of those old mining glory days.

Nowadays, bitcoin miners will face fierce competition to say the least. Some even managed to mine crypto full time during the bear market.

Miners are currently faced with rising algorithmic difficulties and in many countries, incredibly high electricity costs. In fact, the bitcoin network’s electricity consumption is currently ranked just behind the top 42 countries.

Needless to say, this makes solo crypto mining impossible. Hashing24 comes in a proposes an alternative for people who simply cannot purchase the expensive mining equipment and/or cannot pay the sky-high power bills.

Hashing24’s proposed alternative is very simple: cloud mining which is powered by remote data centers. This solution will present customers with the ability to lease hash power from data centers. These industry-leading data centers have already done the dirty work and invested heavily in state-of-the-art mining equipment.

Hashing24 offers a simple, yet effective solution

Hashing24 believes this is the easiest solution for the people who simply cannot afford an alternative. Nowadays, video cards and PCs are simply not capable of keeping up with the rapidly advancing industry. In the overwhelming majority of cases in solo mining, the generated revenue is simply dwarfed by the power costs.

Hashing24 will also offer clients the ability to enter into agreements with data centers of their choice. The agreement comes in the form of a contract and from there on its smooth sailing. A mining order is sent to processing centers somewhere in the world and the minted coins are delivered on a daily basis.

Hashing24 also states that there are numerous factors that should be considered by remote miners before any action is taken. The reputation of providers, the lifespan of the tech they use, detailed financial planning and the length of the mining contract.

This should also all be combined with the incredibly volatile crypto market. Additionally, maintenance fees can be a huge problem, but in some cases, they can be weaved into a contract prices or deducted after coins are mined.

Hashing24 is partnered up with Bitfury. Clients can choose to use any of the facilities based in Norway, Iceland, Canada or Georgia. Bitfury has always stated that their ASICs are the latest in the industry and offer the best possible results.

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