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ZCash mining opportunity

Zcash is the latest (as of writing this on the 28.11.2016) cryptocurrency that surpassed the price of Bitcoin. Read our blogpost about zcash, if you are interested into more about this crypto coin.

ZCash Cloud Mining

As far as we know, HashFlare is the first to offer a possibility to mine ZCash. This is nice since usually, the start of a coin offers the highest return rate. This argument can also be seen in a negative way, because the price of ZEC can fall, which might lead to losses for HashFlare. And since HashFlare is a company, that liquidates losing positions, it might happen that they close this zcash cloud mining opportunity!

By the way, we have a 5% discount code on HashFlare. So if you consider investing in them, then you should definitely use it!

HashFlare Zcash
Paying Status: NOT PAYING
Availability: OUT OF STOCK

Price per H/s (Zcash):
32 USD

Min. mining power:
0,1 H/s

Mining Currency:


Test Details
Investment: 0.043 BTC
Hash power: 1 H/s
Cloud Mining Indicators
Daily ROI: 0.012 %
Days to ROI: 8073
Purchase date: 24.11.2015Monitored: 2650 daysLast update: 10.12.2017

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