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New Hashflare SHA-256 Review

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We decided to re-monitor HashFlare’s SHA-256 Bitcoin Investment program (old review here). Why, you ask? Well, because of many factors like bitcoin halving and btc/usd exchange rate HashFlare needed to change the price and the yielding profits of the SHA-256 mining program. Simply said, mining does not yield the same profit all the time.

HashFlare.io SHA-256
Picture from HashFlare.io.

Since having many questions from users and even the HashFlare support regarding our terrible HashFlare SHA-256 review – we want to explain the confusion about the 4000 days needed for the ROI!

The short explanation is as follows: We had the same start purchase price but fewer profits and since we never reinvested into the SHA-256 product it resulted in a very long return of investment period:4000 days!

The long explanation is as follows: We started the SHA-256 cloud mining from 06.10.2015, our investment being 0.0018 BTC. At the beginning, SHA-256 had a higher return rate, though currently, it yields about 0.0245% daily (weekly averages), which you can imagine means that a 100% ROI is impossible (1/0.000245 = 4081 days)!

Now we are eager to see how the new HashFlare SHA-256 calculations will turn out to be!

HashFlare SHA-256 Investment Plan

In the following table, you can see our monitoring as well as the most important facts about HashFlare’s SHA-256 investment plan.

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HashFlare SHA-256
Paying Status: PAYING
Availability: IN STOCK

https://hashflare.io/ HashFlare
3.6/5 - (18 votes)

Price per GH/s (SHA-256):
0.12 USD

Min. mining power:
10 GH/s

Mining Currency:


Test Details
Investment: 0.037 BTC
Hash power: 0.2 TH/s
Cloud Mining Indicators
Daily ROI: 0.03 %
Days to ROI: 3983
Purchase date: 11.10.2015Monitored: 2691 daysLast update: 25.02.2018

Social stats of HashFlare

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