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Savings Account: HaoBTC

HaoBTC is the leading Chinese Bitcoin wallet provider. Besides having many features, which we will go one-by-one, you will see the most important information on their bitcoin savings account – bitcoin interest rate, minimum deposit, payment rate etc.
Furthermore you will see their platform, without the need to sign up.

Paying Status: PAYING
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Interest rate:
2.00 %

Min. deposit:
0.0025 BTC

Payouts: MONTHLY
Withdrawal: MANUALLY

Payment methods:
Added: 13.05.2016Monitored: 2955 daysLast Payment Receipt:
More information (Profile, Pricing, News) about this Cloud Minining Service

HaoBTC | Bitcoin Savings

HaoBTC generates a sustainable stream of revenue to pay its user-investors. HaoBTC mining datacenters are distributed across the country and run on renewable energy such as hydropower and wind power. To maintain a cutting edge in cost control, HaoBTC build partnership with leading ASIC manufacturers to ensure low price of mining equipment.

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HaoBTC: Page Overview

When you first login into your haobtc account, this is what you are going to see:

HaoBTC Portal Login

The page is full of information. On the side, you can see the features of haobtc: Wallet, CNY, Exchange, Finance and E-vault.

HoaBTC Wallet

At the moment of login, you are in your wallet. The main panel contains information on your current bitcoin and CNY balance. You can easily send or request an amount of BTC. Also, you are able to see the current buy and sell price in CNY. Besides seeing the annual interest rate of 2% (24.05.2016), you need to pres on ‘Interest history’ to see the latest payments:

Interest History on HaoBTC

Each day, some interest is getting ‘freezed’. This interest is paid daily, but you can ‘unfreeze’ it only at the each first day of a month. This is not that flexible, as far as we can judge.


On the CNY you can buy and sell Bitcoin for CNY.

HaoBTC Exchange

This is how the HaoBTC Exchange page looks like:
HaoBTC Exchange

You can easily make sophisticated limit buy/sell orders. Also you are able to see the current Bid/Ask. You even have a nice adjustable chart:
HaoBTC Chart

The HaoBTC fees are as following:

  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin: 0.2%
  • Bitcoin Withdrawal: 0.0005 BTC per transaction
  • CNY and Bitcoin deposit: free

HaoBTC Finance

This is something very interesting. Minimum investment of 10 BTC, with a monthly dividend payment of:

HaoBTC Financing Rate Chart

With each month, the dividend payment is increasing.

How does HaoBTC Finance pay that high dividend?

HaoBTC runs one of the largest bitcoin mining operations in China. Here are their current stats (24.05.2016): daily mined 172BTC, 66 PH Hash Rate, 2205 BTC on paid out dividends:

HaoBTC Mining

HaoBTC runs a hydro station to generate the electricity needed for their own mining farm. Paying dividends for the savings and finance accounts.

HaoBTC E-Vault

The HaoBTC E-Vault is a way a number of members (between 2 and 10) that can access a wallet. This can be compared to a company wallet. Also, you can set the number of members, which need to accept the unlocking to open up the vault and access the asset in the e-vault.

Summary: HaoBTC

HaoBTC has a cold wallet balance of more than 10190 Bitcoins in case of something goes wrong. This is a major security bonus, for those wanting to invest somewhere. With more than 35 Team members, HaoBTC is one of the most trustworthy companies since day 1.

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