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GZH Electric Toothbrush

High quality, low cost sonic toothbrush; new transparent pricing model for consumers


Singapore (September 19, 2018)ECoinmerce, the world’s first decentralized and tokenized E-commerce marketplace, today announces the launch of the GZH Electric Toothbrush, which packs the same great features as popular name-brand brushes but is priced at only $14.99.
The sleek, IPX7 waterproof brush features five cleaning modes: Clean, Refresh, Whiten, Gum Care, and Sensitive, so consumers can use the mode that best suits their needs. The battery has 100 days of standby time and can be quickly charged with the included USB charger.
The package includes the toothbrush, USB charging cable, and 2 professional heads. GZH and ECoinmerce also plan to launch a subscription package in the near future, which will provide a new toothbrush head once a month for only $1.
“By partnering directly with manufacturers, GZH can offer the same high-quality design and functionality at a fraction of the cost,” said GZH COO Dusan Nasic. “We aim to launch additional high-quality products with competitive pricing in the coming months, and all of them will only be available on ECoinmerce.”
With the toothbrush launch, ECoinmerce also rolled out a Price Transparency feature on their website. This provides a complete rundown of product manufacturing costs, so consumers always know what they’re paying for.
“Consumer electronics have exorbitant mark-ups,” said ECoinmerce COO Rex Chen. “We want to change consumers’ mindsets by showing them exactly how much a product costs to make so they don’t feel like they’re overpaying. Any product sold on ECoinmerce will have Price Transparency and we encourage all retailers to do the same.”
ECoinmerce aims to launch multiple new products in the coming months including a Smartisan line of smartphones, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, a set of robotic building blocks, and more. All products will be available on the ECoinmerce Marketplace Preview prior to the beta launch of the decentralized and smart contract-powered marketplace slated to launch in Q2 2019. The platform will fundraise via a Token Generation Event in October 2018.



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