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Golem Fundamental Analysis


Golem (GNT) is an ethereum based crypto currency that was created in order to allow for the sharing of computing power via the ethereum network. Touted as a worldwide supercomputer, the premise was met with great interest. The initial ICO sold out in just 29 minutes by securing $8,600,000 in funding via etherum smart contract deposits. The GNT maximum token supply is 1,000,000,000 of which 833,032,000 is circulating across exchanges and the actual blockchain.

The market cap is $473,092,201, almost a sixty-fold surge from its release on Poloniex in November 2016. Ethereum trading pairs are popular in addition to more common bitcoin pairings. Daily trading volume has oscillated from $7,500,000 up to $48,000,000 at one point near the end of May 2017 but has recently remained steady on a daily level.

Accessible-to-everyone, the golem network reduces costs associated with scientific research, big data analysis, graphical rendering, high resolution video editing and so on. This wide appeal may be the reason for the intense market penetration achieved by the GNT team. Anyone with computing hardware can participate and rent out surplus resources for an automated income.

Rendering farm performance and rendering costs in general seem to be easier to compare. The golem team prides itself in offering a better price to performance ratio than larger companies, most notably Amazon Web Services. Pricing is normally referenced in Ghz per hour with Golem starting as low as $0.03 and steadily increasing according to complexity as well as the actual priority of rendering work.

Amazon on the other hand appears to start at a minimum price of $0.075/Ghz per hour that progressively rises with more intensive use. Companies like PixelPlow state the pros and cons of Amazon’s Web Services in more detail here, while also offering cheaper alternative services starting at $0.01.

Renderstreet is one more company that lists similar services. Apart from a flat monthly fee of $50, there are also hourly rates and even separate studio plans.

Regardless of the available alternatives, Golem is one of the more unique ethereum tokens currently trading on the crypto currency exchanges, the utility and flexibility of the network alone are a solid foundation for future growth. This hold especially true if the community starts expanding even more, horizontally among users and vertically across many markets, large and niche respectively.


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