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Did you know that airlines make more money selling miles than seats? Well, according to Bloomberg, they do.

Why? Because, truthfully, business is about winning the heart of your customers. Businesses need engagement and loyalty to survive, and these can be increased dramatically with a provocative rewarding program. Like miles, or Starbucks Rewards Stars.

And who doesn’t love free stuff? As humans, it’s only natural to be after a good deal every time we can.

That’s why most people use miles: to exchange them for many things, not just flights. A lot of us couldn’t live without miles, even though sometimes it’s kind of a drag. Even though they’re hard to share. Even though miles have limited buying power.

But it’s not just a miles problem. Gas points, coffee points, store points. They’re all a drag. And, all in all, rewards systems are fragmented.

But some people want to take rewarding to a whole new level.

That’s where GIFTZ comes in, courtesy of Rewards Media, Inc.



GIFTZ: Rewards everywhere

The GIFTZ network is bringing the power of cryptocurrency to the rewarding business to change it for good. Their token, itCoin (coming in Silver, Gold and Black), is meant to give businesses the power to reward their consumer base freely and with ironclad security.

Within their ecosystem, any business can do it. From antique indie coffee shops with poetry reading every Tuesday to luxury car high-tech maintenance mega-chains.

Literally anyone can use itCoins (ITC) to give as rewards for whatever they need. For downloading apps, visiting the stores, filling forms, purchasing, for engaging in social media, or just about anything.

Think of ITC as universal, transferable, super-points.

Customers can earn, trade or buy itCoin, and even get a Giftz Card for purchases. GIFTZ is also setting up a market platform to auction and trade itCoin for almost anything.

And the best part of it is the freedom. Businesses pay only for the tokens they’ll use and nothing else. Customers get a secure e-wallet (called Waulit) and are left to do with their tokens what they want.

Take part in the hottest ICO of the year!

GIFTZ is currently hosting its ICO, in which they offer itCoin Black at a rate of 2 500 ITC for 1 ETH. They’re already on Inc.com top 10 ICOs to watch in 2018.

They started out on Black Friday and will be running the ICO for 90 days, until February 22, 2018. In this period, 12 million ITC Black will be on sale (38 million more will remain for use within the network).

By taking part of this ICO, you will be spearheading a revolution in the rewarding business that’s based on organic, stable growth.

The idea comes thanks to Rewards Media, Inc. Founded and lead by John Paukulis, they’ve put together a top of the line team of investors and advisors that includes  Emilio Diez Barroso (Televisa Family), Linda Giambrone (EVP/Head of NBC Primetime TV), Eyal Hertzog (Co-Founder; Bancor), Michael Kaplan (Activision), Paul Newton (ex- CFO Spectrum Bank), Zane Witherspoon (ClearCoin), Michael Panesis (ex-Chair of Tech Coast Angles), Rob Caulfield (Founder of TrustCommerce) and many others.

The key idea is simple: make rewarding an integrated part of all businesses and make rewards freely transferable between users. The implementation and scope are groundbreaking.


With itCoin Black, merchants will be able to generate Giftz Codes, to make use of the rewarding program to boost loyalty among clients. Of course, anyone can keep their ITC Black and trade it afterward, as with any cryptocurrency.

And like any other, the more users, the better deal it is. And given the impact the network has ahead of itself, it’s sure to cause a big splash.

Don’t forget the people at Giftz take positive reinforcement very seriously. So, there’s no minimum to purchase and, besides having a multi-level bounty program, they’re rewarding the daily top three investors with big bonuses. There are also event bonuses, so remember to join their telegram group.

Still got some questions? check out their sale info here, or take a look at a more detailed overview.

Don’t miss this chance to change commerce for good!

Did you like this article and think about investing in the Giftz ICO? Yes? Then listen up! There will be a special bonus for you: COINS gives you a 10% bonus!

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