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Giftz™ was picked as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 ICO’s to watch in 2018.

Rewards Media, Inc (the company behind Giftz™) has been in business since 2015. Given over $1,000,000 in itCoin® (points) for paid surveys and cash back. They are creating the Giftz™ Network and moving its 500,000 shopper/members from itcoin.com (old site) to waulit.com (new site) while tokenizing their itCoin® points. Find crypto-cash, not pokemon! Available 2018.

Giftz™ is a loyalty network, with a rewards wallet (waulit.com) and three flavors of itCoin® — Silver, Gold & Black. The itCoin® Black is the only public token at this time and is for sale at www.giftz.io.


Giftz™ has launched an unorthodox TokenSale WITHOUT a big-budget marketing campaign. They are asking the community to share, help with the bounty and grow the brand organically over 90 days — price to be set day 10.

“Rolling out slowly is counter-intuitive for me,” says John Paukulis (Giftz™ founder). “I was Producer/Director of Digital Marketing for Paramount Pictures where I produced motion picture marketing campaigns for films grossing well over $1 Billion, such as Mission Impossible, Star Trek and Titanic. My job was to create a huge buzz to get as many butts into seats on opening weekend as possible. We could have easily applied these tactics to our Token Sale and got a ton of people to buy in at some arbitrary price of $1.00… but after the hype, when the price settles down, people get pissed. We can’t afford that, we’re building a real business, so we’re letting the buying market determine price during our Token Sale over 90 days. We expect it to be slow the first few days, but when people catch on to what we are doing, we hope that they feel confident enough to participate even with a little ETH (no minimums).”


Giftz™ will be announcing free itCoin® air drops at meetups, ethereum wallet tutorials for newbies and free itCoin® for those who download our app, available now at the Google Play & Apple Stores. You will see updates as we tokenize. Giftz™ believes the only way to get adoption of a cryptocurrency is to give it away for free (merchants bear the costs) without changing customer behavior.


The Giftz™ Network for tokenized loyalty points is open to merchants, consumers, traders and loyalty token developers. For consumers, its crypto-points, like tokenized Air Miles, Digital S&H Green Stamps of yesteryear or Starbucks Rewards Stars today, but you don’t earn stamps or stars, you earn a crypto called itCoin®. Participating Merchants can gift itCoin® rewards to customers over a Distributed Network increasing value and security (top up with itCoin® Black). Consumers can spend on their Giftz™ Card. We will have a Giftz™ Exchange that will allow businesses to tokenize their products and services to sell as incentives (just like the airlines sells their miles).

Giftz™ notable advisors/investors include Emilio Diez Barroso, Televisa Family and Linda Giambrone head of NBC Primetime TV.

You can see the Founder John Paukulis speak to Architect David Cho about Giftz™. Click here to watch: https://youtu.be/CH_CQVS4mQ4


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